Health Farming: How to Beat Fatigue

We have a good check fatigue to guide us. It works as a safety value as a limit to exercise. We can gauge the amount of exercise we should take for best results. Beyond that we begin getting fatigued. When we run or do exercises the breath becomes deeper. There is frequent bringing in of more oxygen into the lungs, which gets absorbed in the blood. Carbon dioxide form the blood gets eliminated in to the air while we breathe out. This increase in breath is called “second wind”.

If we keep on exercising, the oxygen supply and nutrition reaching the muscles compelling the body to discontinue the activity. Even after we stop doing exercise, the heart continues to beat faster and we still keep on breathing heavily till the 3worst of toxins are eliminated. This is known as acute fatigue and is quite uncomfortable for the body. It passes off gradually. The general fatigue will pass off in a few hours or after a night’s sleep, capacity and skill increase.

This is known as training or conditioning. The level of training can be gauged by measuring the oxygen consumed and the lactic acid accumulation. A simple method has been devised. An efficient circulation of blood in a trained person is characterised by a slow rise in the pulse rate during exercises and a prompt return to resting condition after exercise. The pulse rate during severe exercise goes upto 140/mt. Five minutes after stopping the exercises it should come to normal. The pulse rate is also affected by emotion. This very simple test and can be used easily by any person. The test of physical fitness is a sure pointer to cardiovascular fitness.

Among older people, the effect of training can likewise be demonstrated. During exercise the oxygen consumption increases, the pulse decreases progressively, but it is slower than in a young person.

The fatigue is affected by following factors:

Emotional stress: The relations you have with you superior or co-workers. A tense relationship can tire you faster.

Temperature: In higher temperature, fatigue comes faster than in cold weather.

Light: Less light tires us more easily.

Noise: A noisy atmosphere tires faster.

In an occupation where intellectual pursuits are involved, additional factors can affect a person.

Basic interest: If you like doing your job, you will feel less tired doing it.

Diverting the emotional factor: If you home life is congenial, if you take more interest in things around you, will feel less tired.

Motivation influences: If you are rewarded for good results and get your promotions at the right time or when they are due to you, your efficiency is better.

In exercises done for one month discernible changes occur. An increased supply of oxygen leads to better muscle metabolism. Glycogen depletion is much less from the muscles.

If training is done for at least five months the muscle glycogen storage will increase by two and half times more than before the exercise started. A person who is exercising should be particular about his diet. He should take a high fat diet especially when he is young and growing. This will increase, the storage of glycogen in the muscles. The muscles can work for a longer time. The glycogen metabolism also slows down. This further reduces the speed of depletion of glycogen from the muscles.

A high carbohydrate diet is not suitable for such a person because the total glycogen depletion takes place much faster and so they feel tired more rapidly.

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