Natural Remedies: Natural Living – The Right Answer to Good Health

The study of all therapies contained in this book would have led us to the one answer to all problems of HEALTH—and that one answer is, NATURAL LIVING. No therapy can give the full benefit of its treatment unless accompanied by a course of natural living.

Natural living is so NATURAL to man. There is nothing unnatural or abnormal to live natural. Everybody can live a natural life—a life nearest to nature. All but a care and consciousness are needed.

We do not want you to live a life of extremes. Even Buddha taught us a moderate way of life. The food you take should have the maximum natural contents. Use more of natural foods, like green leafy and fresh vegetables. The food that you take, should be cooked in a way that their food value is not lost. Use of raw foods, like salads, sprouted grains, or wheat grass must be a menu of your daily diet.

Develop a good taste—taste for natural foods. Remember, your tongue is the culprit in you. It can lead you to the wrong taste. The taste is always of the tongue. It is not in the sweets, the ice-creams or the pastries. Train the TONGUE to your taste, not YOUR taste to the tongue. And then you will be living a Natural Life. Discard intoxicants, even spices for they create their own taste Of the tongue, spoil the tongue and make it the culprit of all your ills.

Lessen the use of life’s comforts—rather have the comfort of life in simplicity. Remember; it is the hard way that softens the edge of life. Make your body used to exercise. Go out in morning walks and taste the freshness of life that nature has in store for you to give under the open sky.

Your body has been given to you by God. You are the Lord’s tenant in the house, which you must keep clean. How beautifully has this idea been given to us in a recent mid-column story of the editorial page of a Delhi daily.

An old mother tells her son—

“You see, the human body is a house, which the Lord has given us on rent to live for a few years. Service is what we pay for the privilege of living in the house. Can’t we keep it clean, beautiful and admit plenty of light to make it bright?

We can, but we abuse it everyday by over-eating, over-straining, neglecting, dumping alcohol, tobacco, drugs and other injurious things. The result is a breakdown. You try to repair it by going to a doctor, but remember that genuine spare parts are not available for replacement.

Then what happens? It gets dumped in the scrap-heap. The Lord does not ask you to vacate the house. You vacate it yourself voluntarily. Why not return the house to the Lord in the same condition?”

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