Health Farming: Eczema and Acne


Diet plays an important role. Take fruits for breakfast. Prefer an orange, papaya, guava, apples, grapes. Take two boiled vegetables, salad and whole wheat chapatis for lunch and dinner. Take fruits in the afternoon. Cut down on salt. Avoid animal fat like ghee and butter and use soyabean oil, sunflower oil, or coconut oil.

Avoid fried foods, milk and milk products, sugar and pulses, but sprouted moong or bengal gram can be taken for breakfast and salad. Take soyabean milk for breakfast along with fruits. If the eczema is chronic start with fasting on fruit juice or musk melon for 4-7 days and then adopt a restrictive diet.

Take goat or cow’s milk if you are not allergic to it. Musk melon and carrot are useful. Take a salt-free diet. If you cannot do it, do not take more than 2 gms. of salt a day. Vegetable juice like raw cabbage juice and carrot juice are recommended. Alcohol, tabacco, white flour, condiments, vineger, pickles, sweets, jam, jellies, tinned foods, cake, pastries are taboo. Take tea or coffee weak and without sugar.

With less intake of sugar and salt, itching stops fast and weeping eczema starts drying up. Generally itching is more in the night. Scratching makes it worse. Use a towel soaked in ice water and apply to it. There will be immediate relief. Non-irritating oil like olive or coconut oil should be applied to relieve itching Wear loose clothing. Use cotton instead of synthetic yarn. Cotton absorbs perspiration and the skin can breathe better.

Invigorate the skin. Take a bath 2-3 times a day so that perspiration does not stay. Rub the whole body skin dry after bath instead of using a towel. Do not use soap. Sun bathing is useful. Take a sun bath in the morning till you perspire and then take a cold shower. Take a steam or sauna bath twice a week and then a cold shower. Whole body mud pack is useful. The mud should be clean , apply to the whole body, sit in the sun for one hour till it dries up and then take a cold shower. A whole body pack is useful once or twice a week. Do total washing before going to bed. It will increase the circulation of the skin and give better sleep.Walk vigorously for one hour every morning or jog for 20 minutes. Do exercise or play an active game if you want to. Avoid tension, learn relaxation techniques.


Take fruits for breakfast. Prefer one fruit at a time. Take 250 gms of a fruit, like papaya, apples, guava, musk melon, oranges, grapes, etc., two boiled green vegetables, use minimum oil for cooking like cold pressed sunflower or soyabean oil, chapati made of whole wheat flour, eat salad made of cucumber , tomato, carrot, spinach, cabbages for lunch and dinner.

In the place of sugar try honey or molasses. Instead of sweets eat dates, raisins, grapes, chickoo and fruits. Have curd instead of cream and custard. Drink plenty of water at least 2-3 liters a day.

Raw vegetable juices, preferably cabbage, white pumpkin, cucumber. Which can be easily extracted with the help of a juicer are recommended. Take one or two glasses every day.

Walk one hour every morning, take to jogging or exercise for 20 minutes. Ensure that you have a proper bowel movement. Salad and green vegetables are good. Take an enema if you feel constipated, otherwise, a tablespoonful of olive oil before going to bed will do the needful.

Facial steam is recommended. Boil water in a kettle, keep your face on top of it. Cover the face and the kettle with a towel. You will have plenty of persporation and it will open up the pores. Steam bath, sauna bath, whole body pack, not more than 2-3 times a week.

Learn to relax. Do pranayama every day for ? an hour. Savasana relaxation and meditation will do a world of good.

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