First-Aid: How to Give First-Aid for Nasal and Dental Injuries


A blow to the nose causes nasal injuries, as in boxing bout. The condition is diagnosed by the following features.

1. There is pain and tenderness over the nasal bones. Swelling may be present over the site of the injury.
2. There is bleeding from the nose.
3. A deformity is felt on running a finger down the front of the nose.
4. The nasal bones may be deviated to one side or depressed.

First aid

1. Control local hemorrhage by pinching the nose between fingers, the head held forward.
2. In case if bleeding is severe a cotton ball or compress may be placed inside the nostril.
3. Send him to a hospital immediately.


A direct hit generally knocks out anterior teeth. If the teeth are hit but not knocked out, soft tissue damage is only minor. The teeth and mouth are sore. The tooth is not displaced. It may be loose and tender and there may be some gum damage.

First aid

1. Ask the victim to hold the tooth in its socket firmly using a towel.
2. Send him to a dentist immediately for reimplant┬Čation of the tooth.
3. If the tooth has totally fallen off and cannot be replaced, treat hemorrhage by pressing the bleeding socket with a wad of gauze.

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