Juice Therapy: What is Juice Therapy?

Overuse of drugs and indiscreet adherence to and popularity of counter-sales, is so much rampant, not to speak of ever-increasing rates of drugs that common man has been forced to switch on to alternative, more effective, cost-effective and easily available modes of treatment which can, at least to some extent, mitigate his sufferings. Poor man is helpless but he must have effective treatment, if his resources permit.

In quest of cheaper, better and quicker mode of treatment, the patient has to run here and there but, alternately, he falls a prey to quacks, unqualified and unscrupulous elements and, thus, finds himself trapped in a messy and pitiable situation. If, however, he manages to arrange for requisite funds and, if at all, he feels better, bis other vital organs get damaged due to heavy drugging—thus one disorder, even after getting better, many other disorders surface. In order to get rid of all drug-induced diseases, poor fellow has to shell out his hard-earned money, but perfect cure continues to evade him. In such an awkward situation, he opts for such natural systems of medicine or treatment as can restore his lost health, at much lower cost.

Hardly any introduction is needed to disseminate facts about proven efficacy of Yoga, Naturopathy, Acupuncture, Acupressure, Magnetotherapy, Sahajayoga, Reiki, Hypnotism, Urine Therapy, Fruit Therapy, Vegetable Therapy etc. All such and some other identical systems of natural cure are cost-effective, almost without harm and side-effects, and easily accessible, hence his preference for alternate systems is understandable.

Nature has bestowed human beings with a sense of discriminative faculty to distinguish between good and bad. Nature has given fruits and vegetables as an alternative means for sustaining life. They are freely available and are cost-effective also. Above all, their sensible, timely and discriminative use is free from side-effects. One must not forget that indiscreet and excessive use of even Nectar can prove harmful. Nature continues to be still so kind and liberal to people on earth which, despite being profusely abused and misused, is never found wanting in discharging its sacred obligation in feeding vast population. Fruits and vegetables are abundantly available according to climate existing in all the regions. It is, therefore, prudent to adapt one’s eating habits, with regard to cereals, foods, vegetables, fruits etc., as per the food habits existent in a particular region. Sensible use of edibles should always be preferred.

Fruits and vegetables must form an essential part of each person’s menu, on regular basis. Old, infirm, infants and children who are unable to eat, due to whatever reason, should opt for juices of natural fruits and vegetables which provide all the ingredients which are needed to sustain life and form basis of a balanced and nutritious diet. Both, fruits and vegetables, are not only easily digestible but suit equally well all age groups, of all sexes.

This category of articles stress upon the utility, efficacy, usage, curability of various physical disorders, their blending with other products as and when necessitated, alternate substitution with other less costly substitutes, so that one can derive equal benefits, even with limited and sparse resources.

People, living in a particular region, are often unaware of local conditions, diet substitutes, when they migrate to other regions. In such a situation, they must not hesitate to seek help from natives and get used to dietary pattern. Keeping this aspect in view, an attempt has been made to suggest alternative modes of juices, without sacrificing nutritional requirements.

Generally, people are unable to find out the causes which cause disorders and hazards to health. In fact, if one is generally aware of the contributory factors which cause diseases, there are chances that they will be forearmed, since when they have already been forewarned. In brief, all such factors, as above, are generally held responsible for causing diseases to humanity, have been discussed at proper place. Another article has also been written on drug-induced and pollution-induced disorders, along with some other factors which have been noticed very recently.

There are different methods by which juices are extracted, preserved and consumed. Nowadays automatic mechanical devices have given way to old methods of juice extraction. Even by spending much less, one can easily take advantage from latest devices by using other cheaper modes.

Food is the basic necessity of one’s life and whatever we do, we do so to eat well, live in comfort and have a comfortable dwelling place. But our food must be balanced, cheap, nutritious and easily available. Keeping such factors in mind and pocket constraints of general masses, some lines have been devoted to this particular aspect. Before we conclude, it is better to advise the readers that if, per chance, some complication occurs, consult dietician or Naturopath who can advise for proper modification and substitutes for juice therapy, keeping in view an individual’s requirement. But never get panicky, nervous or impatient.


Use of juices has been suggested and recommended, for various disorders, as a general guideline only and, thus, these are merely recommended suggestions which have no relevance to the diseases from which some patient may be suffering. Juice therapy is both corrective and curative therapy but, like certain drug and drug-combinations, they are also not free from certain reactions. As such, reaction from fruit and/or vegetable or juices, cannot be ruled out. Prudent, judicious and selective use of juices can only be advised and guided by your doctor.

Hence, you must not keep your doctor in dark about the kind of juice you wish to take or have already taken. Still better, seek your doctor’s guidance and briefing before embarking upon juice therapy and dietary change-over, substitutes and modifications. Since no two cases are alike, benefit may occur to one and harm to another, because individual reactions cannot and should neither be ignored nor neglected, as reaction is a natural consequence of wrong and misplaced discretion.

So, even quantity of juice intake will also differ according to susceptibility and requirement of each case. In a healthy state, some deviation or indiscretion may be tolerable but, in a diseased state, one must be cautious, fully guided and well informed. In health and any disordered state of health, do not hesitate to seek advice of your Dietician/Doctor, for complete pre, during and post juice therapy, to derive hazardless advantages.

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