Juice Therapy: Testimonials Supporting Juice Therapy

1. ‘Vegetables and fruits all have nutritive properties, although 70% or more of their weight is water, still they contain Vitamin ‘C’ and Carotene, the two nutrients which cereals lack. Fresh fruits particularly of the citrus variety and their juices, are rich in Vitamin C but vegetables are an uncertain source, as this Vitamin ‘C’ is easily destroyed by cooking or heat. Vegetables contain indigestible cellular matters which add bulk to the intestinal content and is useful in preventing constipation. Vegetables and fruits, taken in their raw (form) state, will certainly provide maximum nutrient to the body’ (Dr. S. Davidson).

2. It is deplorable that a large part of the nutritive value of our foods is lost by irrational preparations, particularly overcooking. The tender leaves and stems of fresh vegetables contain the largest percentage of alkaline bases; hence they are not only useful as garnishes but should feature as salads, juices and vegetable dishes.’ (Dr. B. Lust)

3. ‘Toxicity is the primary and root cause of all diseases. Toxicity is the only sickness that exists in the human body.’

4. What we eat nowadays is largely poisoned, adulterated food, forced by unnatural methods to grow on depleted soil and further poisoned by insect springs, the traces of which can never be completely removed from the fruits and vegetables we buy. We cannot detoxify the body without taking raw fruit and vegetable juices.’ (John Barret, Dr.)

‘The almost immediate effect experienced by a fatigued person, after taking pure fruit juice, is due to the nutritious energy released by its fruit sugar content, almost instantaneously utilized by the body. Natural fruit sugar is a great source of potential energy (Dr. Gayllord Hauser) and he further adds; ‘The secret of longevity largely lies in eating intelligently. Learn to like foods that are good for you.’

‘The great dietetic and hygienic value of pure fruit juices is not yet appreciated by the vast majority of people. The fruits differ from practically all other foods by the fact that their nutritive elements exist in the soluble forms of organic sugar, dextrin, and fruit acids which are found almost exclusively in their juices. It is, therefore, inaccurate to deny that the pure fruit juices of all sorts are exceedingly wholesome, for they contain all the valuable properties of fruits from which they have been extracted.’ (Dr. John B. Lust)

‘Nutrients in fresh fruits and vegetables are for more potent than those found in pills because they are paired with “helper nutrients” and also that ‘If you need to take a particular supplement, be sure to swallow it with juices that are highest in that nutrient.’ (Charll Calbom, Maureen Keane’ in ‘Juicing for life’.)

‘We need to turn to living foods, uncooked foods that have the ability to strengthen our bodies through their electrical impulses, enzymes and nutrients. The easiest way, to add living enzymes of the right type to the digestive tract, is to eat ripe fruits, uncooked or organically grown vegetables, sprouts and wheat grass.’ (From ‘Why suffer’ by Dr. Ann Wigmore).

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