Juice Therapy: Juices to Treat AIDS

Added Immuno Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) is the latest addition to the list of killer diseases. AIDS is not the result of any sudden development in the body. As is well known, our body has automatic, in-built, intrinsic and natural defense mechanism which protects and guards our body from invasion by foreign bodies and infections. Due to some undetected form of infection, this natural and automatic defense apparatus is vitiated and our body, thus, is exposed to outside impressions and infections.

When body becomes incapacitated to wage a war against foreign’ body invasion, it runs the risk of a spate of infection. Those who suffer from AIDS are in greater danger of passing on infections to healthy persons and imbibe infections from already AIDS infected persons. Illicit sexual contact, kissing, infusion of blood of an aids-infected person into non-AIDS-infected patient, from the off spring, so on and so forth. Till date, there is no drug to cure aids or save its patients or protect less susceptible persons. Research is in progress since the AIDS victims was isolated but ever)’ effort has defied any solution. The only way to get some solace is (though it is hoping against hope) that some day some breakthrough will be made.

AIDS has, till now, defied all conjectures and apathies because all are simply groping in the dark. The least watchword is precaution, avoiding contact with infected persons, if one is already infected he/she must also avoid contact with the healthy ones. Before blood infusion, fully ensure yourself that only pure and aids-free blood is transfused. Do not have any sexual contact with an aids-infected woman and Vice Versa.

Lime, lemon, orange, carrot, tomato juices can raise immunity and resistance levels of the body and fortify and prepare body’s defence mechanism to fight with outside infections and entry of foreign bodies can also be stopped. AIDS infected person is not, in all fairness, a health hazard for the healthy unless he/she the shares his/her garments, eatables, bed etc. with others. Such persons need not be socially boycotted or isolated.

They should be shown sympathy and consideration. Fruits and vegetables can serve to stand as barriers against onslaught of invasion by foreign bodies which are said or supposed to kill our auto-immune defenses. Talking, speaking, walking or working with an aids-infected victim has no hazards, as this is such a disease, which Is spread by illicit sexual cohabitation, heterosexuality, homosexuality, incest and lesbianism . by oral sex, blood transfusion and by use of aids infected needles, syringes.

Of all the killer diseases, cancer tops the list. There are also other diseases which if allowed to prolong or allowed to remain unattended to can also kill the patient, such as Bronco-Pneumonia, acute diarrhea, spasmodic cough, tuberculosis, excessive bleeding from any organ of body, tuberculosis, excessive bleeding from any organ of body, Asthmatic bouts, serious kidney infections, uremia, blood cancer etc. Precaution and timely treatment is of prime importance. Self-management of disease is also an important factor which should not be ignored.

In most of the diseases certain home-remedies can control even crisis periods. But, in acute and complicated disorders, self-treatment should never be resorted to rather expert’s assistance, guidance, if handy, should always be availed of. Though juice therapy is an almost infallible method to get relief and cure, but it is not always possible for it to treat all the disorders. In fact, no system of medicine is so perfect as to claim complete relief, much less cure. But proper precaution and timely management can avert many future complications.

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