Pranic Healing: Method of Breathing with a Mantra

Since we know by now, which word emanates from which organ of our body, because our body is like a musical instrument where its location point on the string emanates/resonates with a particular note or the sound frequency. So knowing, we breathe with the healing mantra by speaking its each individual word inwardly, smoothly, deeply and rhythmically and as non-violently as possible to simulate the natural breathing except in the depth of its breathing because we are particularly helping ourself to breathe deep and long with the help of rightly chosen words in mantra.

Choose one suitable breathing mantra for each of the eight energy chakras given before. Inhale/Exhale 10 times each with each of the mantra, it will take about eight minutes. Also repeat them in the evening selecting a pollution free environment. This is a necessary condition for the mantric breathing to be potently effective. We can sit in a convenient chair with spine in an erect position or stand comfortably with spine erect to breathe with these mantras silently. Of course, for the sake of getting used to the mantra we can speak aloud these mantras a few times and then inhale/exhale silently with these mantras and soon within a few days of practice, we will start experiencing the onrush of blissful life currents in our hands, brow chakra and head showing that healing process is ON.

We can also give a convenient pause of a second or so at the end of both inhalation and exhalation with a mantra, so that the eddy currents generated in inhaling and exhaling fuse with each other to impart us the bliss of fusion currents.

Advantages of Breathing with Mantra are Five Fold

i) It is also a pranayam type of breathing deep in character and we can also give a convenient pause. Most of the inhale mantras start with L, S, Sh, V or R, thus, these mantras help us to breathe deeply from the abdomen and the bottom of the spine to recharge our life battery completely.

ii) Since now we know, which word relates with which organ in our body and the mantras are so designed to be in consonance with the sequence of these organs, we can make our thought also move along with the breath, as it traverses that particular energy centre or body organ, thus bringing in the added advantage of VIPASANA MEDITATION – first advocated by Lord Budha in which thought moves along with the breath, thus dissolving all stressful conditions of the brain/mind.

iii) Most of the breathing mantras chosen in this site are also very suggestive to the process of self healing i.e. juvenating, improving, healing etc. and thus have the hypnotic power of healing by suggestion also, because thought is our Being and life energy moves with the Thought.

iv) And each word in a mantra stimulates its associated body organ and its related endocrine gland by its resonant sonic energy, thus boosting our immune system to accelerate the healing process.

v) This helps us also to yoke with Infinity — the super-consciousness with mantra AN to bring about Harmony between the Body, Mind and the Soul to put our Health back on the rails.

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