Pranic Healing: Mantra to Say Yes to Life


The inhale mantra HAN in our Hindustani language means – ‘YES’ i.e. Yes to life and yes to our own existence and yes to God which means, we have surrendered to God completely i.e. I have become a valley to be fulfilled by the grace of God, the pranic life energy of God – the Effulgence of God – the superconscious field of God’s presence everywhere. And accordingly, the mantra HAN helps us to yoke with AAN with Infinity – the Superconsciousness to draw in as much pranic life energy as possible to fulfill our Being. The word 4N’ in HAN is like ‘N’ in LONG which can be stretched far and far i.e. as long as we like; with the N.

And its exhale mantra – HOON means – I exist – I am very much there and thus the inhale/exhale mantra HAN/HOON can make us live for ever, as long as we desire, because the word ‘H’ helps our body to communicate with the brain through the cervical region of the spine through the resonant sonic vibrations of the word ‘H’ which is the seed word of Vishudha/ throat chakra. It stimulates the Thyroid and para-thyroid glands. The thyroid is our body’s gland of growth and vitality. It helps to metabolise fats and carbohydrates in our body and it is also called the watchman between our physical and mental body. This gland constantly secretes the above hormones into the blood stream to give us our youthfulness, sex drive and virility but we have to feed it with its necessary nutrients i.e. Iodine and good quality proteins and Vitamin ‘B1’ which are its help mate to carry out its assigned role.

1. Thus inhale with = HAN SPOKEN AS HAAANNNNN
Exhale with = HOOOO N N N N

It is a neutral breathing mantra, it neither prefers the right brain nor the left brain, rather it helps to strengthen both the left brain/pituitary gland and also the right brain/pineal gland, thus stimulating the total brain. Pineal gland is the transducer of superconscious field, we can stimulate the 3rd eye with this neutral mantra, and also store pranic life into the 3rd eye, by taking our thought focussed between the two eye brows, slightly above, at the location of 3rd eye.

Thus, give a covenient pause in breathing at the end of the mantras HAN & HOON. and thus activate the 3rd eye with your thought. Within a few days practice of ten minutes breathing both morning and evening with this mantra by speaking it silently and deeply, one will start experiencing the on rush of bio-energy currents in the location of 3rd eye. And these blissful bio-currents will goad us to continue on this journey of self healing.

2. Strengthen Your Heart

We can strengthen our heart by adding Y-the seed word of Heart chakra to the above mantra.

Inhale with = YA + HAN = YAH HAN
Exhale with = HOOY-YEEN

3. Strengthen Liver and Digestion

We can strengthen the liver, the digestion, the pancreas and the life saving adrenal gland by adding ‘R’ to the first mantra.

Inhale with = RA + HAN = RAH HAN
Exhale with = HOORRIEN

4. Strengthen Lower Intestines for proper assimilation of digested food into the blood stream and other life eliminative processes occuring in the lower intestines.

Inhale with = VA + HAN = VAHHAN
Exhale with = HOOWIEN

5. We can boost our sex power, strengthen our legs and kindle our divine kundalini energy to illuminate our mind by adding the word ‘L’, the seed word of Muladhara /basic chakra.

Inhale with = LAH + HAN = LAHHAN
Exhale with = HOOLLIEN or HEALLEEN

6. Fulfil with maximum possible pranic energy If we add the seed word ‘PH’ (F) of lungs and ‘R’ the seed word of abdominal breathing, this will help us to draw in as much oxygen/air, pranic life energy as possible.

Inhale with = PHRAHHAN
Exhale with = HOOF – FREEN

7. Generate Hope in Life

For that, we add the word ASHA (HOPE) to Mantra No. 6. The word SH is the seed word of both Muladhara/and Swadhistana Chakras and thus stimulates both the chakras. Also the word ASHA helps us to breathe from the bottom of the legs upwards.

Thus inhale with = ASHA FRAHHAN
Exhale with = HOO FREESH SOON

This is a complete body/mind rejuvenating breathing mantra, as it stimulates all the chakras of our body and mind system to generate the lamp of hope to live on, in a person suffering from any disease whatsoever, because it energises the total endocrine hormonal system to boost our immune system to help us recover from any disease, supplemented with balanced nutrition and above all the DESIRE TO LIVE ON & ON.

“A person who has Health has Hope And who has Hope, has Everything.”
An Arabian Proverb.

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