Pranic Healing: I am Brilliant Mantra

Who does not want to shine like a Brilliant Star on the life’s Horizon? And those of us who succeed to do so have tremendous stamina/health to support us in our mission. For this:-

Inhale with = ALLA — B RAM MANT

Another more useful mantra, which incorporates word ‘H’ for improving our Thyroid gland action is given below.

Inhale with = ALLA — BRAHAMAND
Exhale with = MIHI — BRILLIANT

This is indeed a brilliant mantra to make us brilliant in health and to possess brilliant memory to achieve brilliant results in life, because this mantra helps to kindle the kundalini with its seed word L, it also gives strength to the legs with inhale mantra Alia, it improves our digestion with the seed word of Solar Plexus-R to give us the necessary FIRE for dynamism. The word BR helps us to breathe from the lungs with B and the abdomen with R and then the word H- the seed word of throat Chakra also helps the Cardiorespiratory system to breathe better.

The ward H also strengthens the Thyroid gland for better fat/ Carbohydrate metabolism and also to improve the communication between the brain and heart through the cervical region of the spine. Since our stamina to work for long Hours is limited by the ability of our heart/lungs to supply blood/oxygen/glyeogen and other nutrients to our body cells and brain neurons which this breathing mantra adequately achieves and prepares us, thus for brilliant performance in life.

The word ‘Mand’ strengthens the righ-brain with word M, the word AN Yokes us with infinity to unite us with Superconsciousness to draw in as much pranic life energy as possible and then Inhale Mantra settles the pranic energy in the dome of our soft palate of mouth with the word D to help improve our all tastes in life. This is indeed a great rejuvenating mantra to make us brilliant.

3. Another simpler mantra to practice before we use the above two breathing mantras is

Inhale with = BRAHAMAND
Exhale with = MIHI — BREATHE

The wrods T, TH & D are almost equivalent in their action.

The word Brahamand in our Sanskrit/Hindi language means universe and now we know that even the universe also breathes. It expands and contracts and also all the matter in it goes through Birth and Death Cycle, on an astronomical scale in billions of years-the energy/matter gets fused into a star which shines through the prime of its life and then slowly fades, like human ageing to become a cold star or Black Hole. The emitted energy/matter (both matter and energy being convertible into each other by famous Einstein’s equation of mass/energy equivalence-E=mc2) again gets fused into forming another star and so on the goody goody cycle of life/energy movement/ transformation of energy goes on and on.

And we human beings also go through our brilliant youth and ultimately become COLD, but these breathing mantras endow us the ability with resonant sonic energy of the words used to prolong our brilliant period of youth as long as we desire, by strengthening our immune system as well as by continuing to recharge our life battery with pranic life energy.

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