Reiki Healing: Mooladhara and Swadhisthana Chakra

Mooladhara :

Mooladhara means foundation. It is the lowest of the chakras. It is known as the root centre because it is the seat of dwelling place of primal energy. Mooladhara is like a lotus with four petals. It is also the seat of Kundalini shakti. Normally, the Kundalini Is in the form of a serpent in deep sleep, coiled around the ‘Swayambhu linga’. It is the source of all energy, may it be mental, emotional, spiritual or sexual.

The energy is only one but the centre, through which it manifests, gives it various qualities and attributes. This energy can be awakened or activated through concentrating the mind, exercises and self-purification. The energy achieved can lead to Sahasra, where this pure energy unites with pure consciousness. The bija mantra is ‘LAM’.

Swadhisthana :

Swadhisthana means one’s own abode (‘swa’ — self and ‘sthan’ — dwelling place). This chakra is above the Mooladhara chakra in the spinal region. It is symbolized by an orange coloured lotus with six petals. On the physical level, Swadhisthana is mainly associated with the organs of excretion and reproduction. Vitalisation of this centre can therefore rectify any disorder in these functions. On a deeper level, this chakra is the seat of the unconscious mind, the collective consciousness. It has a lot of collected ancestral memories.

It is the centre of man’s most primitive and deep-rooted instincts. By purifying this centre one can rise above the animal nature. A person’s creativity is present in this chakra. Moon is the ruling planet of this chakra. Concentrating on this chakra enables the mind to reflect the world as the moon reflects the sun. One acquires the ability to use creative and sustaining energy to sublimate himself to refined arts and better relationships with others. Normally, a person between the age of 8 and 14 years acts from second chakra’s motivation. It is a chakra of abundance. A person, whose swadhisthana is active, often pretends to be a prince or hero. He maintains self-esteem. The bija mantra is ‘WAM’.

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