Reiki Healing: Vishuddha, Ajna and Sahasra Chakra

Vishuddha :

Vishuddha means to purify. Vishuddha chakra is located near the throat. It is the centre of purification. It is symbolized by a light blue coloured lotus with 16 petals. This chakra influences the vocal cords and the region of the larynx, thyroid & parathyroid glands. It governs the person’s communication, clairvoyance. Spoken words come from this chakra, giving voice to the emotions within the heart. In this chakra all the elements of the lower chakras i.e. earth, water, fire and air are refined to their purest essence and dissolved into akasha (ether).

Persons with weak Vishuddha chakra will have difficulty in expressing their ideas and may suffer from throat problems, hyperthyroidism, speech problems etc. Memory, ready wit, intuition are all related to this chakra. By meditating on this chakra, a person can get calmness, serenity, purity, command of speech and mantras etc.

The earth, the element of Mooladhara chakra, dissolves into water and remains in the second chakra as the essence of smell. Water of Swadhisthan chakra evaporates in the fiery Manipura chakra and remains as the essence of taste. The form of fire enters Anahata chakra and remains there as the essence of form and of vision. The air of Anahata chakra enters into Vishuddha chakra as akasha (ether) and becomes pure sound.

Akasha embodies the essence of all the five elements. It is without colour, smell, taste, touch, or form, free of any gross elements. The bija mantra is ‘HAM’.


‘Ajna’ means command or authority. This chakra is known as the third eye or Gyana chakra (eye of wisdom) or Bhrumadhya (eyebrow centre). It is also considered as Guru chakra, because through it the disciple in deeper states of meditation receives commands and guidance from his guru. This is also the chakra where one receives commands from the divine, higher self.

Ajna chakra is symbolized as a deep blue lotus with two petals. Ajna chakra is associated with the physical organs like pineal body, a tiny pea-sized gland within the beam, which has almost atrophied in the adult human being. On the psychic planet, this point is the bridge between physical, mental and psychic bodies. By concentrating on this chakra, a person can see his future in the psychic plane.

He may increase his concentration with power, memory, intelligence as these are all the powers of brain and Ajna chakra is associated with the brain. By awakening of this chakra, a person can also develop supernatural powers & super-mental capabilities like clairvoyance, telepathy, intuition and other abilities which are hidden potential of every person. Thought energy also has form. When the mind is elevated and made sensitive, it is possible to send this energy through Ajna chakra. The bija mantra is ‘AUM’.


Sahasra means thousand petalled. The highest chakra, Sahasra, is the abode of pure consciousness. Through this chakra, our physical body is connected to the cosmos. It is in connection with our universe. It is symbolized by a violet lotus of thousand petals with all the alphabets of Sanskrit on them. When Kundalini awakens, it ascends through all these charas to Sahasra and merges into space from where it came.

The person who meditates on Sahasra, becomes highly spiritual. He is above a normal human being and is the happiest person for he lives in thought-free, breath-free, desireless state and also leads a life without any expectations. Also the earthly pleasures and physical faculties do not bother him. He at this stage can be called as Satchjtananda (Sat-Chit-Ananda).

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