Reiki Healing: Aura / Biofield / Bioplasma

Very often we talk about the physical body and diseases affecting it, as we can only see our physical body. However, studies in the beginning of this century pointed to an energy field surrounding the humans and other objects. This energy field was called Aura by Kilner, and he observed that it differs from person to person depending on the age, sex, mental ability and health.

Certain diseases showed up patches or irregularities in the Aura, which led Kilner to develop a system of diagnosis on the basis of colour, texture, volume and general appearance of Aura. Some diseases, he diagnosed in this way, were liver infection, tumours, appendicitis, epilepsy etc.

Some years ago, a group of Soviet scientists discovered that living organisms emit energy vibrations at a frequency between 300 and 2000 manometers. They called this energy the biofield or hioplasma. They found that persons capable of successful bioenergy transfer have a much wider and stronger biofield. These findings have been confirmed by the Medical Sciences Academy in Moscow and are supported by research in Great Britain, the Netherlands, Germany and Poland.

Medical experts measure electrical currents from the heart with the help of electrocardiogram (ECG), and electrical currents from brain are measured with the help of electroencephalogram (EEG). Lie detectors measure the electropotential of the skin. They can now even measure electromagnetic fields around the body with a sensitive device called SQUID (Super Conducting Quantum Interference Device). This device does not even touch the body when measuring the magnetic field around it. SQUID is used in the USA to know the state of brain functioning. It gives more information than normal EEG.

Before the invention of SQUID, many scientists tried to invent devices to know more about the human energy field, but the first scientific evidence regarding existence of the Aura originated in Russia. Yakum-Yodko Narekevitch was successful in showing the difference in the Aura of a healthy person and a sick person by using high voltage and high frequency electric charges.

In 1939, Semyon Kirlian, without using any light source, passed electrical charge through living as well as non-living things’and recorded them on film. Different light patterns were observed around them. This technique was called Corono-discharge photography or Kirlian photography. Only in 1960 details of this technique were published by Kirlian and his wife. It is the scientific proof of the existing ‘electromagnetic field’ in and around a human body called the Aura. The Aura is the ‘invisible body’ surrounding our physical body.

This Aura consists of several layers which contain all the forms that the physical body has. In other words, it consists of all the five basic elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether. Each layer is considered to be a level of higher vibrations but each layer appears different and has its own characteristics. Each layer of the Aura is associated with chakra, i.e. the first layer is associated with the first chakra, the second layer with the second chakra, and so on.

According to some scientists and healers, there are seven layers of Aura but more often four layers of Aura are talked about. These four layers of Aura surrounding the physical body are the Mental, Emotional, Intellectual and Spiritual layers. Only the physical body is visible, whereas the four layers which make up the Aura are invisible. Spiritually developed people tend to have a very bright clear Aura, especially around the head region. That is what is seen around the heads of the saints and holy people in their portraits made by artists.

The mental body, which is the first layer surrounding our physical body, is also a structured body. Normal colour of this layer is supposed to be yellow, but this colour changes, depending on the mental state of the person at a given time. Within this layer, one’s thought forms can be seen. The thought forms get additional colours from the emotional level. The mixed colours of mental and emotional layers represent the person’s emotion that is connected to the thought form.

The emotional layer around our body is the second Auric body and is associated with feelings. Clear and highly energized feelings such as love, excitement, joy or anger are bright and clear. The diffused feelings are dark. As the body gets energized with the help of meditations, these muddy, dark colours start becoming bright. To reach this layer, a person has to have unconditional love for fellow beings. When we show unconditional love for others, we have an open heart chakra, and this chakra connects us to fellow beings emotionally.

The intellectual layer of the body is the third Auric body. It creates an empty or negative space. It looks like a narrow oval shape and includes the entire energetic field consisting of chakras. When in a negative form, this layer is like that of a photograph negative. It helps our body to act intellectually when we deal with other people.

The final layer of the aura is the spiritual layer. It connects us, i.e. our physical body, with the universe. The layer varies from person to person, depending upon his spirituality. This can be expanded as the person becomes spiritual.

The Aura, as mentioned earlier, varies from person to person depending on age, sex, nature of the person and emotions. Even in case of an individual, his/her aura will not remain constant or same.

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