Reiki Healing: Magic Healing through Mental Affirmations

Healing the physical body is not a difficult process, but to heal the body, one should have the determination to be cured. This comes only when you love yourself, believe in yourself, and possess self respect. Loving one’s own self works miracles in our lives. In order to show love for oneself, Louis L Hay, a California-based psychologist and a psychiatrist of international repute, shows the whole world as to how one can heal the self, through mental affirmations i.e. “The Mental Cause for Physical Illness and The Metaphysical Way to Overcome Them” through mental affirmations and positive attitude.

She is a renowned counsellor, teacher and author of several books and a healer, who has cured & healed several thousands of people all over the world. Her famous book ‘Heal Your Body’ unravels the mysteries of life, and tells everyone as to how one can heal himself.

Louis Hay says that the disease can be reversed by simply reversing mental patterns. This is possible when the person is willing to do the mental work of releasing the negative emotions and forgiving. She narrates her own childhood, with the background of being raped, when she was only five years old. She developed vaginal cancer, because cancer occurs due to deep resentment.

She did not agree with doctors to operate upon her cancer, as she knew that the doctors cannot remove her cancer completely, unless she clears her old pattern of resentment from her mind. She started to work with her own teacher to clear her resentment. A lot of forgiveness work was done, along with good vegetarian raw food and detoxification of the body.

She completely got rid of her cancer and proved that physical ailments are due to the mental and emotional state and one can easily get rid of the disease by changing the mental pattern. Since most of us do not know the actual mental cause of the disease, we do not know where and how to begin.

The mental thought pattern that causes most of the diseases in the physical body are criticism, anger, fear, worry, frustration, jealousy, resentment and guilt. Continuous criticism can lead to arthritis. Anger causes boils, skin problems. Resentment held for a long time can ultimately lead to tumours and cancer. Guilt always seeks punishment and leads to pain. After many years of research and study, her work with her clients, she prepared a reference guide to the possible & probable mental patterns behind the disease in the body.

She gave a probable mental cause for individual diseases and a new thought pattern to completely remove the disease.

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