Modern Medicine: Classification Of Drugs And Their Use – Antibiotics

Antibiotics (used for various type of infections)

1. Penecillins : Under this group following drugs are used for various aillments depending on the type, intensity and gravity of symptoms.

(a) Amoxyllin
(b) Ampicillin,
(c) Benzyl penicillin
(d) Benzathene Pencillin
(e) Cloxacillin
(f) Carbenecillin
(g) flucloxallin
(h) Methacillin
(h) Phenomethyl penicellin.
(j) Procane Penicillin

Uses:- Above named Pencillin derivatives are used for various infections caused by susceptible orgasm which include endocarlites, reptin Conditions, bronchitis, Pneumonia, bone and joint infections, meningitis intra-abdominal infections, genito-uri-nary tract and soft tissue infectins, including Syphillis and gonorrhoea

2. Tetracylins

(a) Tetracyclin
(b) Meno Cyclin
(c) demethyl ChlortetraCyclin
(d) Oxytetracyclin
(e) Rolitetra Cycline

Note:- Do not use these drugs in children, pregnancy and lactation, debilitated and run-down elderly.

3. Macrolides

(a) Erythromycen
(b) Calcithromycin
(c) Azithromycin

4. (a) Gcntamycien
(b) Kenanycin
(c) Neomycin
(d) Streptomycin
(e) Lincosamide

Note:- Do not use these drugs in pregnancy, ear desease, patients receiving neuromuscular drugs, in venal dysfunction and the elderly

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