Magnet Therapy: Magnet Treatment for Aches, Pains, Strains, Bruises and Bone Breaks

Magnetic polarity can be effectively used in a variety of ways to treat almost any problem. It is best used as an adjunct to aid the body in its healing process.

We shall now look at a variety of problems, which can be treated with magnetic polarity.

Treatment with magnets is simple, cheap and almost entirely free of side effects. Any ailment, condition or part of the body may be treated with magnets. Sometimes, the problem area can be treated directly. Specific glands or organs can also be treated. But remember, every body is unique and what works for one person may not work for another.

Also, magnets only help the body heal. So if a person is taking prescription medicines, s/he must not discontinue them without proper medical supervision. While the application of magnets to heal is not quackery by any yardstick, its scientific and proper use will depend on the therapist or physician who is using it as a medical aid. Self-help is best avoided and the application of magnets should always be under expert medical supervision.

We shall now look at a few diseases and their treatment with the application of magnets. We have also recommended the drinking of magnetised water to hasten the recovery process.

Aches, pains, strains, bruises and bone breaks are known to respond quickly to the application of magnets. Even the marks of bruises will go away if the site of the injury is treated with the North Pole immediately after injury. It is best to treat an injury with the North Pole until the pain and inflammation is gone.

After that, treating the same area with the south polarity will increase blood circulation, tissue oxygen saturation level and cell division rate. If there is bleeding, let it stop. Then if the North Pole is applied to the chest area, oxygen levels and blood circulation will increase.

In the case of fractures, the North Pole of a magnet, when placed on the upper portion of a crack, acts to soften and release calcium from the main bone. The South Pole of a similar magnet placed on the lower portion of the affected area draws fluid and calcium and directs them to where they are needed. Both the poles simultaneously applied speed up the healing process. Bipolar magnetised water can be drunk several times a day as an additional aid.

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