Magnet Therapy: Magnet Therapy and Brain Injury

To understand the concept of energy therapy we must first recognise certain facts:

Science has discovered that man cannot exist outside of a magnetic field. Everything in nature, including man, depends on electromagnetic energy to exist. Man is nothing more than a biomagnetic energy field which lives in a magnetic atmosphere. We are like fish that live in water and have water inside their bodies. Like fish, we are living in an ocean of electro-magnetism. And we possess magnetic energy in our bodies.

Each cell or unit of our body consists of approximately 80-90 MLV of magnetic energy. Therefore, our body is a generator of electricity or energy. Conventional medicine uses electrocardiograms and electroencephalograms to diagnose medical cases. These electrograms record on paper magnetic energy of the heart and brain.

It has only been a relatively short time since scientists discovered that the brain possesses magnetic energy. In 1959, at the beginning of the Space Age, Russian scientists brought about a new chapter in magnetism. The launch of Sputnik opened a new chapter in the science of biomagnetism (magneto-therapy).

Since magnetic therapy interacts with the electrolytes in our blood, and consequently with the autonomic nervous system which controls blood circulation, many symptoms related to poor blood circulation can be effectively relieved by magnetic therapy when properly applied.

We should therefore not be surprised by the fact that many of us suffer from health complications which contemporary medical science simply cannot explain satisfactorily. For some of the more common complaints, such as stiffness in the shoulders, lumbago, lethargy and chronic fatigue, magnetic therapy can be the most effective of existing remedial treatments.

Magnetic therapy has, in fact, been administered in the areas of internal medicine, paediatrics, surgery, urology, dermatology and otolaryngology with excellent results.

Since no chemical substances are used in its application, there is no risk of harmful chemical reactions taking place as a result.

Again, the primary function of magnetic therapy is to stimulate and help sustain various bodily functions, which play key roles in the proper functioning of the human organism,

Specific factors involved in magnetic healing are:

1. Increased blood flow leading to increased oxygen-carrying capacity, both of which are basic to helping the body heal itself.
2. Changes in migration of calcium ions to heal a broken bone in half the usual time or help move calcium away from painful, arthritic joints.
3. The pH balance that is often out of balance in conjunction with illness or abnormal conditions that can be altered by magnetic fields.
4. Hormone production from the endocrine gland can be either increased or decreased by magnetic stimulation.
5. Altering of enzyme activity and other biochemical processes.

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