Diet Cure: FAQ.1-How to overcome this careless attitude in a Diabetic?

I have had diabetes for last 15 years. Unfortunately, I was in the habit of taking alcohol, and my job is such that I was unable to take regular morning exercises, weight was going up and up, tried various tablets, of course, under advice of doctors, but could not be regular with it. In between, I developed high blood pressure, took more pills and life became more miserable, till I met some doctor, who really clinched the point. How to overcome this careless attitude?

Ans.Type II diabetes develops rather slowly, many times without causing any symptoms. One fails to recognise it for years. Unfortunately, even when blood sugar levels are not so high, complications of diabetes keep on worsening. Many of them are overweight, have wrong food habits including taste for alcohol, and have no time or inclination for exercises. These patients are more prone to have high blood pressure, heart attack or stroke.

What some patients really need is a shake up, and awakening, not only friendly or technical advice. Unless they appreciate the real danger they are heading for, it is difficult to convince them. Sometimes the doctor has to be firm and assertive, not submissive.

He was put on a drastic reduction diet, omitting all tablets, with a firm assurance that the results will be obvious every week. Initial week was tough, when will power dwindled, it had to be reinforced with counselling. But once the results were obvious, he gained self-confidence and felt encouraged to continue it even with some discomfort.

He lost 10 kg weight in three months time and he is a different man today. Blood sugar and blood pressure is normal without any tablets. He had become more energetic, enjoys his work, and has a sound sleep. He wonders how he is not tempted to the wrong food and lazy habits.

Treatment of all diseases is not the same, may be some need tablets, but others may require insulin injections.Leave it to your doctor to find the right one.

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