Natural Cure: Common Yoga Poses – Matsyasana

Matsya is a Sanskrit word for the fish. The asana resembles a fish. It is practised after the Sarvangasana, as it removes the slight stiffness caused in the practice of Sarvangasana.

Lie down on your back. Do Padmasana. Keeping the legs crossed, lie down and then raise your head, making an arck with the chest. Placing the head on the ground, look backwards, with the chest raised.

Hold firmly the toes of your feet with your hands, resting your elbows on the ground. Inhaling, stretch the limbs fully. Keep in this pose for a while and then exhaling, return to your original position.

This asana invigorates pituitary glands, which normalise the body’s development. The neck, the face, the lungs and the heart get nourishment. The muscles of the waist and the abdomen get exercise and constipation is removed.

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