How to Lose Weight: What is this Balanced-Nutrient Diet?

One of the first questions patients at my clinic ask is “Will I get enough to eat?” I’m happy to report that on The Balanced-Nutrient Diet you’ll be able to eat heartily while reducing excess body fat. One of the secrets of the success of The Balanced-Nutrient Diet is the high fibre and water content of the delicious natural foods you’ll be allowed to eat. Natural foods brimming with essential nutrients are wonderfully tasty, and their fibre content so high that they are completely satisfying. Furthermore the great variety of flavours found in foods supplied by nature will make eating refreshing as well as delightfully pleasurable.

See what famous personalities have to say :

Mrs.Jasmine Irani holding a First Class Diploma at the Institute of Hotel Management and Applied Nutrition, Bombay says “The Balanced-Nutrient Diet works, and works wonders, provided you are honest with yourself. I always had a weight problem but in the year 1989, I happened to put on tremendous weight and inches after my pregnancy. My weight increased to 75.5 kilos and I had added 10 to 12 inches on my waist and hips. Nothing could make me regain my original figure. It was then that I started on the Balanced- Nutrient Diet and within nine months I lost 20 kilos and 11 inches on my hips and waist. I could get back into my old clothes. No, I did not have to starve ever, only eat what the Balanced-Nutrient Diet allowed me to eat and there was plenty. I would recommend The Balanced-Nutrient Diet as a way of eating any day. Have patience and lose weight and inches permanently.

Ms. Luku Sanyal, T. V. personality and English Newsreader, echoed Ms. Jasmin Irani’s sentiments. ” If I’m going to lose weight and keep it off “she said “I’ll have to eat generous amounts and ‘enjoy what I eat.” Ms. Luku Sanyal lost ten kilos in three months on The Balanced-Nutrient Diet and that was five years ago. “I’m still eating well and enjoying what I eat. It is only right eating habits that has kept me fit through life” reported Ms. Luku Sanyal.

Ms. Kanika Shivpuri had only twelve kilos to lose, and it took her four months to lose it on The Balanced – Nutrient Diet. At her new found weight, she experienced a renewed interest in life. “The Balanced-Nutrient Diet has produced unexpected results” exclaimed Kanika. “In addition to discovering new taste treats, I feel many changes for the better.”

She has now taken to stage, theatre and T.V. serials. “Simply looking better makes you feel better” Kanika insists. “And when you look better feel better and eat better, everything in life is better and I mean ‘everything1”

Mr. Chandrakant Kamble S.E.M. Parel, Bombay says “I’ve never enjoyed eating so much. After eating fresh, natural foods on The Balanced-Nutrient Diet, I could never go back to my old eating habits. Besides I’m now so used to eating large amounts of natural wholesome foods that I won’t want to substitute any other type of food. No other diet can replace my Balanced-Nutrient Diet.” Mr. Chandrakant Kamble lost twenty kilos in six months.

Dr. Mahesh H.G. practising psychiatrist in Bombay was convinced that he was simply too fat to reduce. “I know your Balanced-Nutrient Diet worked for others. But I’m pretty much of a hopeless case.”

I asked him why he thought so.

“I can’t remember not being heavy’ he said “It just must be hereditary.”

What are you doing about your weight?”

“Nothing now” he said, a little sadly. “Oh I’ve tried things. I don’t want to be heavy. When I’ve followed a diet I’ve followed it to the letter. Sometimes I lost, but temporarily. Once I lost 10 kilos. But I was getting a little dizzy and so I had to stop the diet. Do you know what happened then?”

I guessed as much.

“I not only regained the weight ” the doctor said, “I came up with a bonus. I regained more than I lost.”

We talked longer and he mentioned the mental strain that always went with the diets he had tried. Half convinced that his obesity was heredity, half convinced that a few more drastic dietary programmes would shatter his mental equilibrium, this intelligent, successful doctor had given up.

I outlined The Balanced-Nutrient Diet Plan for him and he set a goal at a weight loss of 20 kilos. Eight months later, the doctor had achieved his desired weight loss.

“You know” he said, ” When you outlined The Balanced-Nutrient Diet I was surprised. I never heard of a diet that allowed one to eat so much”. Then he told me how his surprise had tuned to delight and how his attitude towards food had changed. He used to dread the dinner table, he no longer does. “I can’t recall ever having felt so well either physically or mentally”, he said. At age 35 years, height 6 feet 1 1/2 inches his weight has changed from ninety-five kilos to seventy-five kilos.

Ms. Madhavi G, a tall, attractive, beautician and electrologist from a fashionable beauty parlour at Bandra, Bombay consulted me for an unusual reason. Her weight gave her no problems. She was only six kilos over her ideal weight. “But”, she told me, “I am suffering from an unusual fat distribution. I have fat, heavy legs.” Since the Balanced-Nutrient Diet reduces excess fat, I told her, “you will lose fat from those places where fat is most concentrated. Since you are a victim of piano legs, you can expect your legs to show the most dramatic change on The Balanced-Nutrient Diet.”

“I doubt it” she told me.

She followed The Balanced Nutrient Diet religiously and she no longer has doubts having lost the six kilos. But what is significant is that although she lost fat generally, she lost most fat from the extra-heavy legs. “My figure is now close to normal and I now were skits and Bernudas” beamed a delighted Ms. Madhavi G. and that’s not all “I have taken up to modelling as well.”

Mr. P.K. Gupta, General Manager, Rajshri Films, Bombay had a 42 inch waistline and 12 kilos excess weight when he started on The Balanced-Nutrient Diet. He was, he explained, a compulsive eater. “Eating two loaves of bread at breakfast, with vegetables, eggs, or whatever, eight to ten chapatties and a full-plate of rice with gravy or dal at each meal plus an endless stream of between-meal- sandwiches, snacks and teas in a day is nothing for me” he said. I would say this man ate more than anyone I ever knew.

Mr. P.K. Gupta was not happy. His weight made him look years older, gave him leg pains and high blood pressure.

The Balanced-Nutrient Diet has revolutionized my life My waistline is down to 33 inches and I no longer have leg pains and high blood pressure”, says a transformed Mr. Gupta.

“What about your compulsive eating?”

“It still continues, but whatever I eat now is in accordance with the principle of Balanced-Nutrient eating. The biggest advantage of the principle of your nutritional programme is that it does not ask compulsive eaters to stop eating. It asks only that they sensibly switch foods. No one who follows the principle can possibly remain obese no matter how much he likes to eat and does eat.”

“What did your friends and relatives say about The Balanced-Nutrient Diet Plan?”

“Initially I had great difficulty. I eat out a great deal,” he said, “and it’s quite a problem. I had not been having, a successful time with the food-plan because I had not been following it very well. You see, I go to a party and I pass a snack.” he said ” and the hostess asks why. When I tell her I’m on a nutrition oriented weight loss programme she gets upset and says that I should start the programme somewhere else tomorrow, but not at her house tonight.”

Says Mr. P.K. Gupta “My advice on this score is simply keep the plan of The Balanced -Nutrient Diet to yourself for the first few weeks. This may mean curtailing your social activities, or passing up one or two dinner invitations. Then, when The Balanced- Nutrient Diet has worked changes in your shape, it will be easy to tell anyone you know what you are doing. No one will scoff at your new shape and no one will scoff at the nutritional plan you are following. In fact, people may very well want to find out about it themselves. Accept my counsel and experience on this score. Wait until you have been following the programme for a short time before mentioning it. Then you will be a walking proof that it works. You will not have to explain or convince anyone with words – You will, convince them simply your appearance.”

Dr. (Mrs.) Kusum Agawal practicing homeopath and medical columnist for the evening newspaper ‘Mid- Day’ says ” “The uniqueness about The Balanced- Nutrient Diet is that you eat more of natural foods. The bulk supplied by fresh fruits and vegetables fills you up at the same time as providing essential nutrients required by the body. I lost 3 kilos in one month” Dr. Kusum Agarwal noted with joy. “And I just love eating all the foods I am eating ! You , too will discover that on The Balanced-Nutrient Diet you’ll be able to eat more and still reduce excess body fat.’

This story has been told many times by persons who follow The Balanced-Nutrient Diet. You’ll tell this too, after you have been on The Balanced-Nutrient Diet for a few months, and the basic foods you’ll be eating will supply the nutrients you need for greater energy and zestful living.

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