Pranayama: Relief of Pain in Joints and Back

The main objective of this group of asanas is to promote the flow of prana through the nadls, by releasing the blockage in the joints. It is at the joints that the flow of energy is usually impeded.

Leg Series

Sitting Position : Sit erect on floor, legs fully extended. Place hands on the floor with the palms down just beside the hip or behind them. Lean back taking support of the arms.

Ankle Bending

Keep feet vertical and move them backwards and forwards as far as possible, bending at the ankle joints.
Breathing-in: stretch the feet.
Breathing-out: bring them back.

Toe Bending

Keeping feet vertical, slowly bend the toes, so as to press them on the sole. Feel the pressure all over the sole.

Breathing in: bend toes.
Breathing-out: bring to starting position.

Knee Bending

Breathing out, bring the left knee up. Clasp the thighs below the knee area, with both hands interlocked.
Draw the knee as near the body as possible, keeping the back comfortably straight. Breathing in straighten the leg without the heel touching the ground.
Straighten arms, so as to feel the pressure at the shoulder and the weight of the leg on the clasped hands. At the extremeposition, bring the feet as far back as possible. The calf muscles get tightened.
Breathing-out, resume starting position.
Repeat with right leg.
Repeat 10 times with each leg.

Half Butterfly

In sitting position open both the legs. Draw the left foot towards the body. Press the sole with the thumb holding the feet firmly and place it on the right thigh. Place left hand on the left knee and the right on the left foot.
Move the left knee up (breathing out) and down (breathing in).
Repeat 10 times with each knee.

Full Butterfly

Bring the soles together. Clasp with the interlocked hands tightly. Slowly move the knees up and down. This will loosen the thigh/ waist joints.

Leg Lifting

1. Lie down, stretching legs fully. Keep arms by the side of the body. Raise left leg to vertical position slowly breathing in. Hold for 5 counts in the vertical position. Breathing-out slowly lower the leg to starting position. Repeat 10 rounds with each leg.

2. For both legs : Lift the legs to vertical position, breathing in. Slowly lower the legs breathing out. DO NOT TOUCH THE HEELS TO THE GROUND. Hold them in this position. Then slowly raise them to vertical position
3. In lying down poisition perform cycling with alternate leg and both legs together.
Repeat 6-10 rounds.

Strengthens stomach muscles, reduces fat around the stomach, improves digestion, eliminates flatulence and helps in bowel movement.

Shoulder Series

Hand Clenching

Extend the arms forward at the shoulder level. Make a tight fist and clench and open the fingers of both the hands alternately, breathing-in and breathing-out.
Repeat 10 times.

Wrist Bending

Extend – arms at shoulder level. Breathing the in hold open palms vertical with extended fingers.
Breathing-out bend the wrist to point the fingers down. Repeat 10 times.

Extend arms at the shoulder level.
Keep palms open, fingers pointing upwards.
Begin closing fingers on palm.
Make a firm fist.
Move the fist down slowly. Hold.
Come back opening the fist, spreading the fingers pointing upwards. Repeat 10 times.

Elbow Bending (front)

Extend the arms at the shoulder level with palms facing upwards.
Breathing in begin bending both arms at elbows, moving towards shoulder pit, at midway bunch fingers and touch the shoulder pit.
After holding this position straighten arms breathing out. Repeat 10 times.

Elbow Bending (side ways)

Stretch the arms sideways. Breathing in touch the shoulder pit as before and breathing out stretch the arms.
Repeat 10 times.

Shoulder Rotation

Keep fingers bunched at the shoulder pit.
Bring elbows to meet in front of the chest at the chest level.
Begin rotating the elbows in a circular motion outwards, upwards, backwards and again to meet at the front.
Move both in clockwise and anti-clockwise direction.

Digestive Series



Lie on the back, relax and on an incoming breath, draw up one knee, clasp with both the hands. (A) Breathing-in and quickly breathing out lift the head to touch the knee. Put pressure on the knee with both the hands.
Digestive Series Release the hold. Breathing in straighten the leg. Repeat each cycle 5 rounds.


1. alternate leg.
2. both legs together.



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