Health Farming: Walking Pleasure for Good Health

When I am tensed, I go for a long morning walk. It is good to walk and walk till the body aches. The mind gets busy with the aching muscles and it forgets its many worries. Many people say that the benefit that they get after exercising is their improved psychological status. They report less anxiety and depression. There is more self confidence and ability to cope with at-home and job related stress.

It has been explained on a biological level during exercise there is a decrease in circulating catecholamines and increase in beta endorphines that occur during and following an exercise. Even if we do not consider the change in blood chemistry it would be a good idea getting sedentary people up and away from chronic distress producing environment and help them to do their choicest exercise.

Budha, Christ and Gandhi wandered the year round, because nirvana can be achieved by keeping oneself agile by constant exercise of body and mind. The garland of religious festivals which India wears, will always invite large masses in the organic culture. The pilgrimage to the mutts of Badrinath and Kedarnath in the Himalayas, Puri on the eastern sea, Dwarka in Gujarat, Rameshwaram by Kanya Kumari, Kumbh melas at the Sangam union of three rivers Ganga, Jamuna and Saraswati has allured millions to walk in their vanapratha (after the age of 50). The young also go on these pilgrimages.

Amarnath in Kashmir was opened by Lalitditya in the 5th Century AD Guru Nakano found solace and peace in his walk to mount Kailash. Emperor Akbar walked to the tomb of Saint Muin-ud-din in Ajmer. His son Jehangir journeyed every summer to Chasma Shahi. The third Mughal preferred to visit Shalimar garden in Kashmir every year. Recently even our well-known Sunil Dutt walked a thousand kilometres and more from Bombay to Delhi to Punjab hoping to spread peace and goodwill along the route. He was joined by hundreds of his admirers in this marathon.

Sikh Gurudwaras are spread all over India. The Sikhs have prescribed pilgrimages to these religious temples. The Jain often get away from their sedentary static posture in the bania shop to visit Gomateswara on Sravanbelagola hills and Girnar and Ranakhpur temples in Mount Abu.

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