Health Farming: How to Relax with Meditation

Meditation techniques vary but essentially they are all the same because their final objective it to helps to develop and exploit inner awareness. In a way, through meditation, you begin becoming more aware of your body and the outside world. Concentration increases. You are able to think better in whatever type of work you do. You become more efficient, your body healthier. Many experiments on transcendental meditation have been done which have been described “the science of creative intelligence”.

Meditation should be done in a calm, comfortable environment Focus your mind on mantras or breath. Transcendental meditation is helped by a mantra, a word or sound or command from your instructor. The technique is simple, faster to learn and gives coolness to mind and gets you into a state of deep relaxation. Vippassana meditation does not take help of any mantra. It takes the help of breath. This is supposed to be oldest form and was used by Lord Budha to attain Nirvana. It is more valuable in curing diseases, apart from giving physical and mental relaxation. It cleanses the body like fasting or dieting.

Meditation has been highly recommended by the famous heart surgeon, Christian Barnard who did perform the world’s first ever heart transplant in 1967 at the University of Capetown, South Africa. In his book “Your Healthy Heart” he recommends meditation to heart patients. He furthers says that, during meditation, the cardiac output decreases by 25 percent as in sleep. The heart slows down. The heart beat lessens by an estimated 5 beats per minute. Evidence has also been gathered that the blood pressure can be controlled by meditation.

Though less clear-cut, it has a beneficial, direct physiological effect on the heart. Meditation is most beneficial for those who are prone to coronary ailments. We can learn the technique to relax the mind and the body whenever we desire. At the moments of stress, we should lock ourselves in a quiet room for about half an hour, allow the mind and body to take control of the proceedings. You come out of it quite relaxed. Meditation is an effective weapon in our artillery. We should use it whenever we are under high stress.

Meditation can help in many ways, even to lessen the incidence of crime. It was experimented in a crime-ridden village of Bhusandpur in Puri district, Orissa. To verify this claim made by Mr. Prasanna Patsani, MLA, a group of newsmen from Bhubaneshwar descended to this Orissa’s biggest village which is surrounded by undulating hills, overlooking the Chilka lake. Patsani, a bearded, saffron robed Naxal turned Congress (I) leader, took the press party to the two acre walled compound of the village temple where classes were being held.

On the dhurries spread over the compound lawns were 600 young and old men and women taking their instructions over a public address system. They were asked to do asanas followed by pranayama and dhyana (meditation) to the accompaniment of vedichymns taped in a cassette. What is the secret behind the villager’s enthusiasm in gathering in this secluded spot? What motivates them? Mr. Patsani admits they are paid Rs. 50 each per month as compensation for their lost working hours since 90 percent of the villagers live by fishing on the Chilka. But that is not the only reason why they are enthusiastic. They have found out the physical and mental benefits of the exercise in the open.

Savasana (the corpse pose) is a powerful asana for relaxation which was extensively advocated by the late cardiologist Dr. K.K. Datey. He firmly believed that relaxation played an important role in helping the cure of heart diseases and lowering the high blood pressure.

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