First-Aid: First-Aid for During Blast Injury and Electrical Burns


Explosion in the industries or due to bombs can cause many causalties. The possible injuries will be extensive burns, fractures, damages to ear drums, shock and wounds due to flying glass or other debris. Management.

• Reassure the causalty.

• Move the victim with as little disturbance as possible to a safer place.

• If the casualty’s general condition and injuries allow, raise him into a half sitting position with support to his head and shoulders.

• Control bleeding, wound or burns.

• Immobilize fracture, if any.

• Check breathing and pulse at 10 minutes interval.

• If unconscious open his airway and complete ABC resuscitation.

• Remove to hospital on a stretcher.


Electrical burns occur due to high voltage industrial machinery and lightening. Much damage occurs at or close to the points of entry and exit.


• Do not approach the casualty unless the current has been switched off.

• Till the current switch-off, be at 20 yards (18 m) away from the casualty since the electrical ‘ARC in high voltage industrial cables can jump upto 18 meter and kill you.

• Treat as per general burn.

• If breathing and heart actions are affected treat accordingly with complete ABC resuscitation.

• Arrange urgent removal to hospital as a stretcher case.

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