First-Aid: First-Aid Priorities

1. Assessment of the situation : Observe what has happened quickly and calmly. Look for dangers to yourself and the victim. Never put yourself at risk.

2. Make the area safe : Protect the victim from danger. Be aware of your limitations.

3. Assess all victims and give first aid : Treat those with life-threatening conditions first.

4. Get help : Quickly ensure that all specialists help summoned is on the way.

The general principles of first-aid are as follows :

1. One should be in control, both of oneself and the problem.

2. One should be gentle but firm, calm and logical.

3. One should speak to the victim kindly but purposefully and reassuringly.

4. One should build up rapport while handling to the victim.

5. One should explain fully what one plans to do.

6. One should give honest answers rather than give misinformation.

7. One should not let the victim be alone and unattended at any time.

8. One should not separate a child from its parents or guardian.

9. One should send the victim to a doctor or hospital by quickest means.

10. One should inform the relatives of the seriousness of the problem.

11. One should inform police about serious accidents.

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