First-Aid: How To Manage An Infected Wound ?

Any wound that has not begun to heal after 48 hours is infected. It contains bacteria, dirt, and may contain a foreign body. The infection may spread elsewhere in the body and cause further damage. Features of an infected wound are as follows.

1. Pain and soreness in the wound.
2. Swelling and redness around the wound.
3. Pus in the wound.
4. Fever, chills.
5. Pain, swelling and tenderness over lymph nodes draining the area.


1. Hold the soiled dressing at a dry and clean corner and remove it.
2. Wash hands with soap and water.
3. Clean the wound with sterile swabs soaked in an antiseptic solution.
4. Apply a new dressing over the wound.

□ Wounds Of Palm Of The Hand

These wounds tend to bleed profusely. There is also the risk of injury to the nerves and tendons in the palm. In such cases, there is a loss of sensation in the affected fingers, and inability to move the fingers.

First aid

1. Control the bleeding by placing a pad of sterile gauze over the wound and applying pressure.
2. Ask the victim to clench the first to maintain the pressure.
3. Elevate the injured hand.
4. Apply a firm bandage over the fist.
5. Support the arm in an elevated sling before transport to a hospital.

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