Homeopathy: Homeopathic Remedies for Sciatica

Sciatica(neuralgic pain in the sciatic nerve from hip down back of thigh, to calf muscle and foot).

Belladonna – pain worse from jarring, appears and disappears suddenly. Lies with crossed legs; cannot uncross them. Ammonia mur. Pain worse from sitting in a chair; better when lying down. (Hiccough may be a concomitant).

Bryonia – Pain worse by any motion; better lying on the painful side.

Colocynthis – Pain on the right side with numbness (Gnaphalium). Better by flexing the leg oh abdomen (pressure). Shooting, band-like, screwing better from pressure.

Kali bich. – Left side; Pain comes and goes suddenly. Better by flexing leg or walking.

Kali iodatum – Lying on painful side aggravates. Better by walking and in open air.

Lac caninum – Pain on alternating sides. Worse when warm.

Lachesis – Right side; Pain extends downwards. Worse after sleep and from touch.

Lycopodium – Right side. Worse lying on painful side, and while sitting. Better when warm and when walking.

Ledum – Pain extends upwards, and worse when warm.

Pulsatilla – Worse in warm room. Better in open air and from slow motion.

Rhus tox. – Worse in wet, cold weather and from cold applications. Also from lying on painful side. Worse on beginning to move (walking). Better from warmth, warm bathing, by motion (walking).

Tellurium – Deep pain worse from coughing, jarring, laughing and sneezing, or straining at stool. Contraction of tendons in the bend of knees. Better from urination.

Valeriana – Sciatic pain worse standing, and while sitting. Better flexing the leg.

Gnaphalium – Intense sciatic pain; alternating with or followed by numbness or formication. Cutting from Right hip joint down to foot.

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