Eye Care: Various Eye Conditions

Nearsightedness: Fear of seeing the future. Pulling inward to self: “I am afraid to see what’s out there.”

Farsightedness: Fear of seeing the present: “I have to see out into the future.” Anger toward self or others. Pushing space and people away. Wanting to break out and be independent.

Astigmatism: Distortion of one part of your reality. Nearsightedness in one particular thread or part of your life. Restriction or fear in one of the ways you see.

Glaucoma: Feeling filled with internal pressure, as if you’re exploding. You’re rushed. You’re overly inside yourself. You’re closed off.

Macular degeneration: Loss of the central theme of life. Not seeing the point to living: “Spacing out is what life’s about.”

Retinal detachment: Feeling separate, unloved. Losing touch with the outside. Not wishing to see outside your immediate line of vision.

Cataract: Clouding or blocking out of life. You avoid seeing what there is to look at in your life.

Eye turning: Blocking of energy. Can’t cope mechanism. Life’s too much, too complicated for you to deal with.

Inward: Overcompensation or excessive focusing.

Outward: Spacing out. Drifting away.

Lazy eye: Laziness in receiving or expressing vision. Turning off energy. Avoidance of the truth. Unacceptance.

Corneal conditions: Blocking of power. Fear of loss of power. Seeing pain.

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