Allergy Cure: Complications of Allergy

Allergy is also associated with several complications which may adversely affect the body of the patients. Children are more affected by complications due to their poor immunity and this also affects their school attendance and performance. Complications are also classified according to the type of allergy for better understanding of the subject.

Dust Allergy

If proper prevention and early treatment of dust allergy is not done, it may lead to several complications. There are certain empty spaces surrounding the nasal cavity known as sinuses. These are usually filled up with air and help in the air-conditioning of the nose and surrounding areas. Some people with dust allergy develop infection of these sinuses known as sinusitis. They complain of headache in the frontal region and pain and pressure in the face. If not treated, fever and yellow foul-smelling discharge may start dripping from the nose.

This discharge may also enter the throat and cause sore throat with cough and fever. Sometimes the ears may be affected by infection giving rise to earache, muffled hearing and even pus from the ear. Infection of the eyes is also seen in some individuals with redness and swelling of the eyes and rarely corneal complications with visual impairment. Severe asthma may occur in some people with breathlessness, difficulty in lying down, fatigue and weakness, and low blood pressure.

Food Allergy

Sometimes, in sensitive individuals, food items such as peanuts, pistachios, cashewnuts, walnuts, egg-white, milk, mustard seeds, shellfish, etc. can give rise to collapse of lungs and heart, and even death.

Drug Allergy

Sometimes can be serious affecting the lungs, heart, kidney and brain and may produce near-fatal or fatal reactions. Latex allergy can also be sometimes fatal in sensitive individuals.

Insect Bite

On the tongue or mouth can be very dangerous causing compression of the airway, with tightness in the chest, breathing problem and cough, which may occur in 50-60% of patients. Giddiness and unconsciousness may occur in 30% of adults, and sometimes even death.

Skin Allergy

Patients with atopic dermatitis are prone to develop infections by bacteria, viruses and fungi. Eyes are often involved and sometimes may cause corneal deformity and cataracts.

Pet Allergy

People with pet allergy can develop a severe attack of asthma when they try to groom, dust, vacuum or clean the pet’s litter box. If the cat or dog sleeps on the bed or pillows along with its master during the night, the reaction may be worse late at night or in the morning.

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