Alzheimer’s: Moderate Alzheimer’s

As the disease progresses and more nerve cells in more parts of the brain are affected, the person with Alzheimer’s may develop new behaviors and exhibit more personality changes. It becomes increasingly apparent to family members that something is amiss as the person’s thinking become even hazier and judgment diminishes. Here’s what may occur:

• Less concern for appearance, manners, and hygiene.

• Trouble sleeping or sleeping for extended periods.

• Confusion over the identity of familiar objects and people, such as thinking your wife is your sister.

• Increasingly poor judgment that poses safety risks, such as wandering, poisoning, and falling.

• Difficulties with organized thoughts or logical explanations make tasks like planning increasingly difficult.

• A tendency to perform restless, repetitive movements, like pacing or trying doorknobs.

• Constantly repeats stories, favorite words, statement or motions.

• May accuse, threaten, curse, or behave inappropriately, even in public.

• May make up stories to fill in gaps in memory.

• May see, hear, smell, or taste things that are not there.

• May accuse loved ones and family members of illicit acts that never occurred.

• May need help with basic hygiene such as using the toilet, remembering to drink, and dressing appropriately.

• May exhibit inappropriate sexual behavior, such as disrobing in public or masturbating in front of others.

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