Neem Therapy: Neem to Treat Skin Diseases

Neem is useful for many diseases in man. But its major fields are leprosy, skin diseases and diseases of blood. There is nothing like neem in treating skin diseases particularly.

Take the flowers, the fruits and the leaves, all in an equal quantity, grind them together on a clean stone into a very fine paste, mix this paste in water, stir well and drink it as asherbat. Start with just 2 mashas, increase the dosage upto 6 mashas and continue the treatment for 40 days. This medication has been found to be useful in white leprosy or leucoderma.

In all kinds of skin diseases drinking of the leaf juice and external application of neem oil have been found useful. This is particularly so in ring worm and gangrenous (e.e. rotting) wounds. The effect is better as regards the old rather than the recent afflictions.

In the veneral disease of syphilis and also In plethora (or rakta pitta, where there is haemorrhage or blood flow from various openings of the body such as nose and mouth) one gets surprisingly useful results by a drinking of its leaf juice or oil and a general massaging of the body with the oil. To ward of the burning that accompanies an abscess or any other wound, tie them with squashed and warmed up neem leaves. Eczema is a widely prevalent and major skin disease nowadays.

There is no sure remedy for this in allopathy, though many procedures are tried. This is presumed to be due to lack of certain essential vitamins in the body. Sometimes the affliction spreads from ankle upto the hips and so severely that the doctors may be forced to advice amputation of the leg.

Even such an acute and advanced stage of eczema was cured by the following ayurvedic procedure: Give the following daily: 1 tola of manjisthadi quotha, 1 tola of neem bark, 1 tola of peepul bark and 1 tola of neem and giloy quoth. A regular treatment of this nature for a month healed the leg completely. The case was followed up for five years subsequently; even small boils and eruptions had not arisen!

Neem is commonly used in the traditional medical practices of Jammu and Kashmir state for such skin diseases like psoriasis, erysipelas and allergy.

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