Milk Therapy: Milk to Cure Head, Eye, Nose, Ear, Mouth and Throat Diseases

Diseases of the Head

(i) Headache due to heat: This affects those who consume too much of heating substances or those who wander too much in sun. For this, take half a ser of cow’s milk and take also three tolas of tamarind that is washed well with hot water. Add sugarcandy, cool it down and then drink. 3-4 days of its use would definitely stop the ache in the head. Massaging the head along with this procedure will ensure non-recurrence of the pain also.

(ii) Headache due to cold : A fumigation with hot milk in a closed room where there is not much scope for strong breeze or open breeze or open puffs of wind will often give relief.

(iii) Severe headache : Fomentation with a piece of cloth dipped in hot milk followed by a wrapping up of the region in a flannel cloth would prove beneficial. Fomentation can be done two to six times depending upon the condition of the patient. Wrapping can-also be kept accordingly for an hour or two.

Such a fomentation would give relief in other regions of the body also, for example at the kidney.

(iv) Baldness : This is said to improve to some extent by fomentation of the head with raw milk even after just a week’s continous treatment. A duration of one and half a month is expected to yield appreciable results.

Diseases of the Eye

An useful eye lotion : Take raw, pure and clean milk. Churn and take away the fat i.e. butter as much as possible. Use this defatted milk as a lotion to clean the eyes. This may be injected for the purpose or applied directly. Redness of the eye and painful eyes become rectified with this procedure. Using milk that is not defatted In this way is not useful.

Painful eyes : When pain In the eyes is not subsiding by any treatment, use the breast milk of a feeding mother as an eye drop. There will be an immediate relief from pain, burning as well as throbbing pain.

A cooling drug : Take some swabs of clean cotton, soak them in goat’s milk and place them at the rim of a fresh mud to drip dry. Tie this over the paining eye for two hours. Remove and keep the eyes untied for four hours. Tie again specially at night. See that these goat milk treated cotton swabs are kept tied the whole night. There will be a quick relief.

Diseases of Nose and Ear

Bleeding nose : Drinking goat’s milk is presumed to be beneficial. Smelling breast milk is also expected to be useful in stopping such a bleeding.

Swellings at the nose ring (nathani): This Is a type of injury common in young ladies. Milk is useful here. Gargling with milk and smelling milk as a nasal drug will prove beneficial.

Ear ache : Steam of hot milk let in the ear will give some relief. Or, take goat’s milk, mix it with an equal quantity of vinegar, make the mixture comfortably hot and use it as an ear drop. Even throbbing pain will stop and the patient will feet relief in about two minutes.

Or, mix a little opium with breast milk, give a few drops in the ear and the pain will stop Immediately.

Pimples in the ear : Clean the ear with milk and a swab of cotton. Do so three to four times a day using fresh milk every time. This will give beneficial effect quickly.

Pus in the ear : Clean the ear with hydrogen peroxide or with a decoction of neem. Keep fresh milk morning and evening in the ear each time and plug with cotton. This will give an effective relief and quite quickly. Or, using breast milk for healing in the ear is also well advised.

Diseases of the Mouth

Peeling of skin : This is a frequent complaint in some persons – a peeling of the inner mucous lining of the mouth cavity. A simple but an effective cure is to use clean, raw milk to gargle three or four times a day.

Weak and decaying gum : This is a very painful affliction and the teeth also become shalky. Gargling with deer’s fresh and raw milk is presumed to be a quick and a sure relief. Securing deer’s milk is not an impossibility but if this is rather hard to come by, employing goat’s milk would also do. But this would need a longer duration of treatment.

Diseases of the Throat

Painful swellings : Sometimes the swelling is so much that gulping even water within becomes difficult and highly painful. It has been seen that gargling with milk and giving fomentation with milk will prove much beneficial in such cases. Gargling with ass’s milk will be particularly effective.

Goitre : The following medication with milk will be useful only if the glandular knots of goitre have become split open; otherwise this procedure would be valueless. In the former case, give a fomentation with milk thrice a day and do so for atleast a couple of hours every time. This regimen is to be continued for fifteen days. This is a simple process of treatment but considerably beneficial.

Lesion and injuries in the throat: If these are not healing well for any type of treatment take recourse to gargling with goat’s milk. This proves a quick remedy.

For injuries, sores and ruptures on the tongue gargling with goat’s milk will be very beneficial.

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