Juice Therapy: Why Do We Fall Ill?

Any person can fall ill but our body is such a perfect mechanism that it discharges all the toxins and foreign elements of the body through various orifices. If any one of the excretory organs is diseased, it fails to excrete the toxins from human body and the poisonous and useless matters create various health problems.

Those persons who do not eat at a designated time; overeat or do not eat at all or there is fairly a long interval between two meals, consume excessive quantities of spirituous liquors, spices, clarified butter (ghee), starches, do not eat balanced diet, use tobacco in any form whatsoever, lake cathartics quite often, indulge frequently in sexual excesses or completely abstain themselves, thus suppressing their natural sexual urge/desire, chair-borne people who,do not have any physical mobility, do not protect their bodies from changes (even sudden changes) in weather conditions lack of proper and requisite rest or else too much of easy going life style etc. can fall ill.

One imbibes infections from climatic ‘changes, pollution of water, air and food; by contact or by eating sum eatables as do not suit an individual, wretched habits, by taking putrid, stale, rotten and ptomaine foods, exposure to hot or cold weather, drug-based disorders etc. Human body has an auto-immune system which is an in-built defence mechanism of the body and is capable of saving us from most of the physical disorders.

In fact, our body’s natural protection shield (mechanism) is so infallible and fool-proof that even if we tend to be careless about infections or anticipatory problems, it continues to discharge its duties by protecting our body system.

The more we seek divorce from the lap of nature, the more we expose our bodies to untold physical hazards. Any deviation and flouting of the laws or nature is liable to attract punishment from nature, in the form of some disease because, when we fall ill, it must be understood that nature’s laws have been transgressed and abused. Nature goes on ignoring our skip-overs and faults but, when we continue to abuse nature and start resorting to unnatural means, our body will come under stress and strain, ultimately ending up in a diseased state of body.

The best way, to keep oneself free from diseases, is to regulate one’s life style and pattern, have active habits, avoid extremes in any case, do away with all types of intoxicants, drugs, alcohol, fats, starch rich food, spices etc. Take plenty of fresh water quite often eat wholesome, nutritious, well-balanced, leafy, vegetative diet.

Do not yield to temptation of tongue’s taste but take to things that suit you. Do not ever overcast; rather under-eating (not starvation) is much to be recommended. A cup (250 ml) of fruit juice in the afternoon will provide much freshness, succour, energy and also improve digestive system.

In fact, diet intake is always commensurate with (and ought to be so) the amount of labour put in by a particular person. A labourer, doing hard and strenuous work, will require more calories than a person who performs a sitting job. A child, whose entire body is under process of development, will require different calories as compared to the aforesaid two categories of workers.

Similarly, an aged and old person will require low-caloric based diet. Hence, sex, age, profession, amount of energy consumed, height and weight of person will determine as to what amount of calories is required, so as to enable him to feel and function normally. This can only be devised, planned and suggested by an expert dietician who, while prescribing a calorie-based diet, will take into consideration all the relevant factors. Despite all this, diet must be occasionally, if not at regular interval, checked by a dietician.

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