Pranic Healing: Mantra for Imperial Living

If you can become your own Emperor and develop an Imperial personality, you can rule over the hearts of all other persons. Thus, make imperial living as your way of life and BREATH.

1. Exhale with = IMPERIAL – LIVING
Inhale with = LAVARA PAMMANG

The inhale mantra really helps us to develop the imperial personality because:

(i) The word ‘L’ helps to kindle the divine Kundalini energy, gives power to the sex organ and the legs to make our style of walking imperial.

(ii) The word ‘V helps to strengthen the ovary, the lower intestines for better assimilation and elimination processes of body and keeps us EVER-GREEN, by the proper water action which is necessary constituent of all cells and life processes in our body.

(iii) The word “R’ which is thejseed word for Navel chakra, boosts our metabolism, by stimulating liver, Pancreas and all abdominal secretions.

(iv) The word ‘P’ helps the cardio-vascular system to circulate blood/oxygen in a more efficient manner and to develop the compassion to become IMPERIAL to look after all people with compassion.

(v) The word ‘M’ is the seed word for crown chakra, which strengthens the right brain and crown chakra which is the top Imperial chakra.

(vi) The word MAN helps us to yoke with Infinity- the super-consciousness to draw in all imperial energy from Infinity.

(vii) The word ‘G’ stimulates the left brain.

Thus the above breathing Mantra rejuvenates our total body/mind system, to continue to look and feel IMPERIAL.

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