Pranic Healing: Mantra to Become Industrious

The ‘INDUSTRY’ as its name implies, is to first dump your money ‘IN-Dust- and then TRY’. This is true to a great extent, because Industry means a very risky investment, unless one has planned very-well in advance by studying the Demand/ Supply of the product in the market and its excellent production capability.

Plus, it also means – Try and Try again and again, inspite of initial failures during the teething period of the Industry, till one achieves the required success in one’s venture.

Plus, as the name of the Industry suggests that one should be very very industrious, to put in all the hard-work necessary for the success of the Industry, since during the starting period of the Industry, the industrialist may have to work from 8 A.M. in the morning to 8 P.M. in the evening:-about 12 hours each day and even at night, one has to dream about one’s industry – the work left still unfinished at the end of the day and as to how to solve those problems. And many a time, an idea will flash across one’s mind at night which will solve the problem. And this comes only, when one is intensely devoted to one’s industry. Then and then alone, one can leap forward to take one’s industry to the crowned success.

And, this flashing of solutions comes to us from our subconscious which is collecting all the data and because our sub-conscious is yoked with the super consciousness – The God.

And the following breathing Mantra helps us to accomplish all this. The breathing mantra is :-

Exhale with = ‘INDUSTRYNM’
Inhale with = ‘SARADATANM’

We have to inhale/exhale with the above mantra, while chanting silently, and smoothly. Thus, our breathing with the mantra should be as rhythmic, as deep and continous and as nonviolent as possible to simulate the natural breathing as nearly as possible.

While, we are exhaling with the help of the mantra – ‘INDUSTRYNM’ we should be simultaneously feeling within ourselves, to be industrious and determined in establishing our industry. The word ‘NM’ has been added at the end of the mantra -Industry, to yoke us with the super consciousness

– God, which will provide us with the sixth sense to avoid all the pit-falls in the industry. See, the beauty of the exhale mantra – Industrynm – the mantra ‘Industry’ has now become our breath – our life breath, because our industry is also our bread & butter By adding ‘NM’ (The silent ‘W with ‘M’), it has become prayerful to unite us with the ‘OMNI’

– God’s blessings.

Similarly, while inhaling with the mantra ‘SARADATANM’ you should be simultaneously feeling that it is all happening because of the Omni – God, because the word ‘SARA’ means “all” and the word ‘Datanm’ means, the Omni – Giver, and the inhale mantra also includes ‘NM’ to link us with the Omni’ God.

Also, both the inhale/exhale mantras include ‘R’ – the seed word for Navel – Solar plexus to increase our metabolic rate and digestion of the nourishing food, to be able to put in all the hard work necessary to successfully implement the industry.

The above breathing mantra, also contains the word T/D which are the seed words for taste glands. It helps to improve our all tastes for life as well as strengthens the salivary glands in the mouth to release properly the digestive juices in the mouth for the predigestion of starches etc. in the mouth.

And the word ‘S’ is the seed word for breath-origin in our body-in between Muladhara Chakra and Swadhistana Chakra about 7 cms below Navel. The word ‘S’ helps to take the breath from its start point to the word ‘M’ which is the seed word for Crown Chakra in the head. The word ‘S’ also helps to kindle the Divine Kundalini to illuminate us.

And the word NM together strengthen with their resonant sonic energy the pituitary and pineal glands, which control all the glandular activity in our body/mind system, thus boosting our immune system to meet the challenge of setting up the Industry, because it requires a vibrant healthy condition of both body and mind system to successfully accomplish this task.

Another easy inhale/exhale mantra, to boost our health and indirectly our Industry is

2) Inhale with = STAR-DAWN
Exhale with = INDUSTRY

This mantra is also very suggestive in nature and the hypnotic influence of the word ‘STAR-DAWN’ as if a Star has dawned on the horizon of Industry to start a new chapter. This is indeed very helpful to give that great motive power to reach high and higher in the realm of Industry.

Thus, if we inhale/exhale with the above mantras for 10 minutes each morning in a pleasing and contamination free environment, it will not only augment the intake of oxygen/pranic energy in our body to keep us healthy, fit and disease free, but also it will provide us the necessary will – power and sixth sense to make our industry a roaring success.


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