Pranic Healing: Mantra to Always Remain Young

Who does not want to bloom and blossom at all ages! In fact, it is the innate desire of all human beings to remain ever young and delay as far as possible, the inevitable process of ageing. Because, youth is a period of peak enjoyment, when we do not know what is death, since we are passing through the saga of joy and merriment.

Mark Twain once said, “Life would be infinitely happier, if we could only be born at the age of eighty and gradually approach eighteen”, a really tremendous idea; In this chapter, we want to achieve half of that dreamed target i.e. make people about twenty years younger than their chronological age, in the environment they are living-indeed, a great challenge to fulfill.

It is well known, that any ordered system of energy flow, when left to itself, will get ultimately into disordered state slowly, this is what the 2nd law of thermodynamics states and this happens to human beings also, what we call ageing. This can easily be illustrated from a fully charged 12 Volt car battery which when left to itself, will slowly get discharged, it needs to be recharged again to bring it back to its original charge-its original voltage of 12 volts.

And the car battery can get damaged, if we overdraw the current heavily for a long period more than its rated capacity, the battery will be damaged permanently though it can withstand much higher current discharge for a short time. The same is true of human beings also. If we over*work and stress our body/mind system for a short period and provide ample rest in between, our body can recuperate, but if we continue to stress it beyond its biological limits and that too, without giving it proper rest in between, the body, like the battery will get damaged permanently.

Thus, the first and most important criterion to remain healthy and fully charged is not to over work beyond our rated capacity and for that we have to respond in time to hear the feed back signal of tiredness of that particular sense organ being used, for example: we must hear the feeling of fullness of our stomach when we are on the dining table, otherwise, we become prone to an attack of indigestion.

And, we must continuously recharge our life’s battery with proper breathing, and this chapter is devoted as to how to re-connect or connect ourselves properly with that infinite-reserviour of Pranic Energy to rejuvenate ourselves, by flushing our blood arteries with oxygen and Pranic energy to oxygenate and declog the semi-clogged blood arteries, to make them full blooded again, as in youth, this is what is called rejuvenation and it is possible to achieve all this in a slow but steady manner without even a shadow of harmful effect, which looms large, if we take rejuvenating drugs and herbs which though initially show quick results, but end up with greater damage to our body/mind system.

And the age of 50 years is a turning point in our life, when there is a menopause period for Ladies and also the period when the sex power of men, begins to wane and dwindle, giving to men also a warning signal-‘Men-O-Pause’. Too much sex indulgence at this age will drain us out. This is the stage when one starts reading books on Health & Rejuvenation and looks for rejuvenating drugs to regain that lost youth. Some persons wisely turn their mind to seek union with God to get the bliss, which they are now missing in sex. Now, they realise that their existence in this world is the greatest truth, time is now running short and we must get as much out of life as we can, and they come to realize that, to do so, our health is our greatest possession- because if health is lost, every charm in life is lost.
So, let us not lose hope and turn to our breath to rejuvenate ourselves. For that, the easiest breathing Mantra is
1) Exhale with = BLOOMMMM
Inhale with = BLAAMMMM

The Exhale, Inhale Mantra – Bloom/Blaam, being single stage breathing mantra, is the easiest to use, but, with three fold benefits i.e. (i) it helps us to breathe more efficiently with the help of word ‘BL’ (ii) It also helps us to bloom again to youth because it helps the Sex energy to move up to the crown Chakra (M) with the help of Seed Word L of the Muldhara Chakra, thus imparting a sparkle of youth to us again, (iii) It also gives a boost to our sex power, by opening up the clogged channels of blood with the word ‘L’ to fully enjoy the ecstasy of sex at all ages.

Of course, there are many people who after the age of 50 years will feel that we have fulfilled the purpose of life by indulging in sex for the sake of procreation, as ordained by God and now, enough is enough, but even such persons even if they have no desire to enjoy the ecstasy of sex beyond the age of 50, will still relish that great feeling of youth, if they get erection in the morning hours of sleep just before waking up “Abhi Tau Main Jwan Hoon”. (That I am still young)

Another breathing Mantra with exactly similar but fortified effect is :-

2) Inhale with = “BLOOSSOM” to be pronounced as BLAASSAAM”
Exhale with = “BLOOSSOOM” or I AM BLISS

The word ‘S’ is the seed word for the origin of breath about seven cms., below the navel and it also activates the divine Kundalini – the bank of divine life energy, to make the life energy to move up, with the help of breath to the crown in our head, thus giving us a look of a re-blossomed personality.

3) Exhale with = “BLOOMING” or I AM BLOOMING.
Inhale with = “BLAMMANG”

This Mantra besides the advantages of 1st mantra, also helps to strengthen the pineal gland to produce Melatonin to pacify our nerves & give us good sleep, and the word ‘G’ stimulates the Master Pituitary gland. Also the word ‘ING’ gives us a great feeling of continuous tense of living in the present. The greatest aim of Yoga is to live in the present moment and not to brood over the past mistakes or build castles in the future.

What is Life- It is nothing but the ceaseless flow of pranic life energy in our body to impart it life movement and of course, kept in harmony, by soial – the Atma, and the words Y(J) and V, help this flow of pranic energy, as in the following mantra.

4) Inhale with = “JWAN”
Exhale with = “JEEVUN”

5) Inhale with = SDA-JWAN
Exhale with = JUVENATE

The word Sda-Jwan” is a Hindi language word which means — ALWAYS YOUNG. This Mantra imparts pranic energy to the lower intestines with V and improves the function of heart with the seed word J

Then Inhale with = ” V A R A – J A T A -NAMMONG”

After the age of 50 years, the functioning of various vital parts of our body, i.e. Heart, Liver/ Stomach System, Pancreas, Kidneys start showing a sort of deterioration-resulting in poor assimilation as well as elimination resulting in piling up of toxic matter in our body, and because of poor digestion, the poor supply of nutrients to our already stressed and exhausted body organs further deteriorates their functioning. Thus, the process of ageing becomes a cumulative effect, and the above mantra arrests this process of ageing by giving a boost to our power of digestion by stimulating Liver, Pancreas, adrenal gland & spleen action with the help of seed word ‘R’ and improves the pre digestion of food in the mouth, particularly

Carbohydrates by activating the Salivary Glands in our mouth with the help of seed wordT in the above mantra. This mantra also gives Pranic Energy to our eyes-the most harrassed and over worked organ in these modern times, with the help of seed word-N. Thus, the Exhale Mantra – “I am re-juvenating”is a very powerful breathing mantra to rejuvenate us completely. But it does not strictly conform to the sequence of exhale breath for which ‘R should follow J. The inhale mantra is OK. The exhale mantra will also do no harm.

Another simple but effective and meaningful mantra is :-

7) Inhale with = “ALLA-YOUNG’
Exhale with = “YOUL-LING”

The translation of “ALL in our Urdu language is “SARA’. It is more effective, because, it includes the word ‘R the seed word for Navel Chakra (Solar Plexus)

8) Inhale with = “SARA-YOUNG”
Exhale with = “YOU-RE-SING”

This Mantra rejuvenates us to again sing a song of radiating youth and joyful existence.

9) Inhale with = SA.RA, YAHAM-MAN
Exhale with = ME YOU, RISHI, HOON

Just a few minutes of dancing Me with Me, with the above Cha Cha Music, will regenerate bio*currents of youth reflowing in our nerves. We can dance with the above mantra for five minutes both morning and evening, we-will continue to Bloom & Blossom at all ages, provided, we also nourish our body with balanced & nourishing food. Thus, so filled with new vitality and energy, we sing the following song, exhaling with the left side rhyme and inhaling with the right side rhyme.

The word ‘O, BLOSSOM’ should be spoken as — AU, BLASSAM as inhale mantra.

Exhale with
Say Yes to the new day
The New Zest
The New Vision
The New Inspiration
The New Search
The New Wealth
The New Ego
The New Power
The New Empire
The New Challenges
The New Worries
The New Fights
The New Introspection
The New Surrender(to God)
The New Peace The New Bliss

Inhale with = O, Blossom
For all the above

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