Reiki Healing: Different Techniques of Using Reiki

Different Techniques of Using Reiki For Treating Self:

Full Body (30 Days Self-purification): This is done from the day the seminar is over. It will require a minimum of 72 mins. (@ 3 mins./point for 24 points). The procedure for this is:

• Attitude of Gratitude: To start or restart after interruotion. Close eyes, fold hands & say these words:

I thank myself < self name > that I am here
I thank Reiki that she is here
I thank Dr. Mikao Usui that he is here
I thank my parent’s Guru, personal God etc. that they are here
I thank < Partner’s name > that he/she is receiving energy (if treating someone else)

• 17 Points on Front Body: This will take 5 lmins. @ 3 mins./points

• 7 Points on Back Body: Done after turning over. This will take 21 mins. @ 3 mins./point

• End: Wash hands or press fingertips together firmly for 1/2 minute to stop energy flow.
Continue for a longer duration if required.

For Treating Others:

• Full Body: This is done as detailed above for a minimum of three days. The duration can be increased if required. Do front body. After front body is complete, do energy balancing.

• Spirals: Draw anti-clockwise spirals from shoulder to fingers and from armpits to feet on both sides of the body with first two fingers of one hand. Do back body. After back body is complete, do energy balancing.

• Energy Balancing: Place hands one inch over neck, back & root chakra back. Feel the energy by moving hands around a little. Then bring hands slowly together on heart back keeping them above the body & lift the hands up.

• Stroking: With a ‘V made from first two fingers of the hand, stroke down firmly from neck back to root chakra back three times (Stroke up from root chakra back to neck back for diabetes patients.)

• Direct Spot: This is for points other than the chakras and is done in addition and after the partial body treatment. The duration is 3 minutes or more as required.


a) While shifting hands from one point to another, do not lift both hands simultaneously off the body. First shift one hand and then the other.
b) Do not wear metal articles or jewellery as they tend to sap energy.
c) If a body area cannot be touched directly, Reiki can be given from a distance of 1″ above it.

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