Modern Medicine: Classification Of Drugs And Their Use – Pain-Relieving drugs (Analgesies and autipyreties)

A. Non-Narcotic/Non-opical drugs

NSAIDS (Non-stored anti-inflammatory Drugs)

1. Aspirin (Acetylsalycic Acid)
2. Anlagin (Novalgin)
3. Peracetamol
4. A. P. C (Aspirin, Phenacetin and Caffein Combination (though rarely used these days)
5. Ibuprofen
6. Phenylbutazones
7. Oxyphenbutazones
8. Indomethacin
9. Auranofin (A gold Compared)
10. Mephenic Acid & Flufenamic
11. Piroxecam
12. Tenoxicam
13. Diclofenac sodium/often combined with Paracetamol and Muscle Relaxants)
14. Nimesuldide

B. Opioid Analgesics

1. Dextropropoxyphene
2. Pentazocine
3. Elthoheptazene
4. Morphine sulphate
5. Tramadol HCL.

Note:- All the above mentioned drugs Carry inherent risk fac¬tors, hence use with unmost care

C. Muscle Relatants

1. Dielomine
2. Carisoprodol
3. Chlormezanone
4. Methocarbamol
5. Chlorzoxazone
6. Tenadizine
7. Valethamate
8. Baclogen.
9. Drotaverine

D. Topical Analgesics

There are combination of various ingredients such as Comphor, Methyl salyslate, Ibuprofen, Methyl Nicotrinum etc. Capsicum, Diclofenac sod, menthol, phenyl Butazone, Mephenesin, Chlorpheniramine Maleate, turpentine oil, essential oils, Eucalyplus, Naproxen. Most of the companies use ingredients almost out of the given list. The formulations are Available in the form of ointments arts, creams, sprays etc for massage on the painful parts. Avoid Contact with eyes and other sensitive organs. Some preparations are reported to react more on soft and tender skinned patients, hence use with care.

In some preparations Ayurvedic and allopathic ingredi¬ents have been combined, supposedly to derive quicker and better relief and allay inflammation, pain, redness and heat. Generally the ointments should not he rubbed but simply applied over the affected part until full absorption is achieved. There is no need to dress or apply any outside supporting measure like cloth or ban¬dage.

As there are a number of topical analgesics available in the market, hence I give only brand and names of only a few of them. It must not be deduced that the brands not mentioned hereun¬der, are less efficacious or inferior.

Acks Gel, Algepan, Agile, Arjet Spray, Axane, Capsidol, Capsigyl, cremalgin; Deepheat, Dedoma x2, Declonac Gel, Didonac Gel, Dolomed, Flamar cream, Kilpanc cream, medicreme, Moov, Multegesic, Myloxin sports, Numuled transgel, Perox Gel, Relaxyl, Rumalaya, Sensur Rubefacient, Sensur oil, supraflam, Systaflam, Tantum Tromagesic Gel, Voline Gel, Voveren Emulgel, Tobid Gel, Zolandin etc.

Note:- Sutabilily of a particular preparation is simply a matter of individual response, hence it is simply a matter of’er¬ror and trial,’ but requisite Cautions must not be ignored.

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