Magnet Therapy: Magnet Therapy Rooted in Natural Laws

Magnets regulate the natural systems of the body and so help the efficacy of any medication being taken. Therefore, while undergoing magneto-therapy, there is no need to discontinue the current mode of treatment.

Magneto-therapy is rooted in natural laws. It is also cheap and easy to use. No lengthy preparations or big money is needed to start and continue with it. A pair of prescribed magnets are the only prerequisites. With it a number of people can be treated for years. Water or any other liquid can be regularly magnetised by the same magnets and used as an accessory to the main line of treatment. If, after years of continuous use, the pair or pairs of magnets lose part of their power, they can be recharged and a renewed span of life given to them. No recurring expenses occur.

Magnets are great time-savers too. Tortuous queues at hospitals are avoided and common ailments can be cured at home.

The application of magnets for about ten minutes daily, in addition to drinking magnetised water everyday, also serves as a preventive against disease and exhaustion.

There is no danger of habit formation with the continued use of magnets. Neither does the magnet lose its effect on the human body after protracted application. There are no side effects either. Even if a high-power magnet has been applied for a time longer than prescribed, the only possible reaction could be slight tiredness immediately after application, and even that is temporary.

An accident started a scientific probe into the effects of magnetism on water. The scientific probes, quite naturally, spilled over to blood too. A few decades ago, Russian technicians and scientists were searching for an easy method to rid the inner walls of pipes of salt deposits. During experiments, they found to their amazement that if magnetised water was passed through the pipes, the hard deposits fell off and were dissolved in water. What’s more, further concentration of deposits was restricted and often arrested. The same results were achieved in the radiators of automobiles.

This proved that magnetism somehow transformed simple water into a charismatic liquid. Research also showed that consequent upon the exposure of water to the magnetic field, its temperature, density, surface tension, viscosity and electrical conductivity were affected. Magnetism increased the speed of sedimentation of suspended tiny particles in water and enhanced its conductivity. It hastened the process of ionisation in water.

The study of the effect of magnetism on water naturally attracted the attention of bio-magnetists. Now they took up blood, the most important fluid in the body, for a similar study. The results, again, were amazing.

They found that the magnetic contact immediately activated the iron content in the blood and a weak current was generated. An increase, directly proportionate to the strength of the magnetic field, in the number of centres of crystallisation, was achieved. The process of ionisation (dissociation of atoms or molecules into electrically charged particles) was also hastened.

This freed the blood from the danger of clotting and stimulated easier and more spontaneous flow through the arteries and veins. The magnetic flux created in the blood resulted in an increase in the number of red corpuscles and strengthened the inactive and decayed ones. The movement of haemoglobin in blood vessels was accelerated and calcium and cholesterol deposits in the blood were brought to a minimum.

What was more, it was discovered that magnetism exercised a similar effect on all other fluids in the body. It also helped the secretion of hormones, built new cells and rejuvenated the tissues and exercised a stabilising effect on the genetic code.

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