Magnet Therapy: Magnet and Its Applications

As we have just mentioned, magnets have two poles -north and south. Now let us see if both the poles, when applied to the body, exercise the same effect. Dr Hahnemann, the founder of Homeopathy, understood this difference and prepared two separate medicines from the two poles for completely different symptoms. Concurrently, scientists also found out that the magnetisation of water with the North Pole neutralised bacteria in it, while the South Pole did just the opposite – it hastened the development of bacteria.

In the early years of magneto-therapy, it wasn’t understood why a particular pole proved ineffective in a particular disease while its opposite pole served the purpose. Then sustained research established the fact that the North Pole was effective in diseases caused by bacterial infections, while the South Pole works well in alleviating different kinds of pain.

There were two theories regarding the application of magnetic poles to the body. The unipolar theory advocates the use of a single pole at one time and the bipolar theory believes that the application of both the poles at the same time in the same disease is more effective. The bipolar theory has gained currency and is now being widely practised.

In the application of magnets, there is local treatment and general treatment. In local treatment, the selected pole is applied directly to the affected part of the body.When the illness is not localised or is extensive, general treatment becomes necessary. In this case, both the poles are brought in touch with the palms of the hands or the soles of the feet. Through the palms and the soles, which are a reservoir of nerve endings, magnetism is instantly carried to every part of the body.

If the illness is in the upper half of the body, the magnets are to be placed under the palms. If the lower half of the body is diseased, then the magnets should be applied to the soles. The frequency of the use of magnets and the cumulative time for which they are used will depend on the gravity of the illness.

The body is a magnet and so has magnetic sides. In treatment, the North Pole has to be applied to the right side and the South Pole to the left side. Similarly, the North Pole should be applied to the upper side and South Pole to the lower side of the body. In the same way, the North Pole should be placed on the front of the body and the South Pole on the back of the body.

But no rule is rigid and it depends on the physician’s discretion and the patient’s sense of well-being. Magneto-therapists adopt different methods and all cures finally depend on the illness, its severity, the patient and a number of other variables and constants, which we will discuss in the forthcoming articles.

Magneto-therapy has also adopted the standard leads of electro-cardiography. Positive and negative currents of electricity correspond to the North and South Poles of a magnet. In electro-cardiography both the forearms and the left leg are used. Two tracings are drawn at the same time. Two electrodes, one positive and the other negative, are used.

So, from the two forearms and the left leg, three combinations are made: right arm-left arm, right arm-left leg, left arm-left leg. These three combinations are called the standard leads in ECG. Magneto-therapy has adopted this standard leads theory and added two more combinations – the right hand-right foot and the right foot-left foot. Thus, as per the standard leads theory, five methods of the application of magnets are in practice in magneto-therapy.

When magnets have to be applied to several parts of the body, the treatment should start from the upper parts and proceed towards the lower parts. The magnets should first be applied under the palms, then on the back and on the knees and, in the end, under the soles.

When high or medium-powered magnets are applied to the palms, the patient should sit on something like a bench or stool and both the magnets should be placed on both sides of the patient or in front of him. The North Pole magnet should be on the right side and the South Pole magnet on the left side. The right palm should be on the North Pole and the left palm on the South Pole.

In another method of application, the North Pole magnet should be kept on the bench or stool and the right palm placed over it. The South Pole magnet can be kept on a wooden plank placed on the ground with the left foot on the South Pole.

In the third method, the palm should be kept on the North Pole magnet placed on the left or right side of the patient. And the sole should be placed on the South Pole magnet placed on the wooden plank on the same side.

With ceramic magnets, the North Pole should be applied to the right side of the body with the patient in a sitting or lying posture. Likewise, the South Pole should be on the left side. It is best to place the feet on a wooden plank.

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