Magnet Therapy: The Force of Magnetism

Magnetism is universal. It is everywhere. We live and breathe it. It is one of the basic principles of existence. The earth is a huge magnet and its magnetic field can be detected over 100,000 kms away. It is not only the earth but even the human body and the tiniest atoms in nature that are magnets. The sun, moon and other celestial bodies are also giant magnets. So the force of magnetism is all around and within us.

The sun has a magnetic field 100 times greater than that of the earth. The sun’s influence on our lives is immeasurable – it cannot be overemphasised. Just like the sun, the moon is also closely linked to our lives. Our calendars are filled with references to the sun and the moon, and science and history are replete with examples of how they affect our lives on an everyday basis. Even the stars are huge magnets and impact our lives and our destinies in strange ways. That’s how astrology, the study of the effect of stars and planets on our lives, has taken such a stranglehold on society.

Man is a tiny replica of the cosmos. The human structure and the structure of every living thing, however small and insignificant, is also sustained by the same magnetic force which keeps the cosmos together. People have magnetic fields and can attract and repel others strongly without knowing why. It is not uncommon to hear about somebody having a “magnetic personality” or of some people instantly attracting or repelling one another.

This can be attributed to the seemingly invisible magnetic force within and around us. Man’s inner nature, the state of his spiritual, mental and emotional health is represented in his magnetic field body. Even the reading of auras and halos are related to the existence of the individual’s magnetic field.

The human body is also run by electric impulses, which are generated within the body. During this process, magnetism is simultaneously produced. Every living being possesses some elements of electricity and some properties of associated magnetism. Simply put, electricity and magnetism are the twin manifestations of the same basic energy.

All parts of the body generate electricity for their work. The human body can be compared to an electrical battery and is capable of generating electromagnetic waves at the rate of 80 million cycles per second. Just like electricity, all the organs in the body create their own magnetic fields of varying intensity.

The brain creates the strongest electricity and magnetic fields. The magnetic fields fluctuate within the body and mind of the person and are immediately reflected in the magnetic field of the whole body. Now science is able to measure the magnetic fields of individual organs, which is a great help in the diagnosis of different ailments.

The essence is to preserve the balance of the magnetic fields within the body. When they get disrupted for whatever reason, the human body enters a state of dis-ease. Magneto-therapy, in its current sophisticated incarnation, simply attempts to preserve the balance of the magnetic fields within the body with man-made permanent magnets

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