Magnet Therapy: Therapy of the Future

In recent years, magneto-therapy has attracted a great deal of interest and is the subject of much discussion all around the world.

In his book entitled Magnetic Deficiency Syndrome, Dr Nakagawa stressed that if these electromagnetic impulses are disrupted or lacking, it can give rise to a number of health problems: stress symptoms, mental disturbances, headaches, arthritis, rheumatism, muscle pain, osteoporosis, chronic fatigue, allergies, insomnia, inflammations, circulatory disorders, bowel disorders, digestive problems and many other degenerative problems, which cause ill health.

The treatment helps the body, in a natural way, to regain its self-healing electromagnetic balance. The entire body, each of its organs and every cell in these organs, is affected by electromagnetism. Cellular function and associated regulatory processes, as well as the function and health of body tissues, are all controlled by electromagnetic impulses. It logically follows that magnetism and its effect on the body’s electromagnetic activity play a major role in health and in disease.

Although many people still regard the success of this treatment method as something miraculous, there is a very simple explanation for its effectiveness and the way in which it works. We quote a lengthy response from Dr Ken Wianko to the question whether this therapy could be called a “Universal Cure All” – that is, an “all-purpose treatment method of the future”:

“In the search for such a broadly effective treatment, there is none that deserves this designation more than magnetotherapy. At any rate, as far as successful pain treatment is concerned, it has been found that seven out of ten patients who received this treatment were completely freed of their pain. This result is just as good as that obtained by traditional medicine.

“Above all, magneto-therapy produces no harmful side effects, is not addictive, does not interfere with other therapies, and is not expensive.

“Researchers have established beyond doubt that Magnetic Field Therapy re-balances altered metabolic functions, that cause pain, oedema (tissue swelling), excess acid in the tissues and lack of oxygen in the cells, by initiating tissue healing with consequent pain relief. Skin calcification, the cause of skin ageing and wrinkles, disappears. Joint mobility increases and muscles become more flexible. Digestion and elimination improve, prostates shrink and kidneys eliminate body wastes more effectively. Mental function increases, energy levels go up and sleep is better.

“Tests carried out with various organic substances in a magnetic field have shown that the lifetime of these substances is extended. Because it stimulates the body’s free radical scavenger and antioxidant system, magnetotherapy is reported to be effective in counteracting degenerative processes causing heart and circulatory diseases, arthritis and auto-immune illness, as well as neuro-degenerative and allergic afflictions.

“Many illnesses can be caused by stress, but this risk factor can be greatly influenced by administering magneto-therapy prophylactically, both during the day and at night.

“When magneto-therapy is applied during the night, it has a calming and sleep-promoting effect on the brain and the entire body, because it naturally stimulates the production of the hormone melatonin. Higher melatonin levels in the body reduce stress, help to counteract the ageing process and protect against infection. Magneto-therapy is often used to promote healing.

‘The human body itself is an electromagnetic machine. Each body cell has a positive and a negative field and physical and mental functions are controlled by electromagnetic impulses from the brain and central nervous system. Moreover, all life – plants and animals, including humans – exists in and responds to the magnetic field of the earth.

“For instance, earth’s magnetism activates the enzyme system in fruits and vegetables that causes normal ripening.

“In just the past decade, biomedical experts have begun to realise that, since magnetic energy influences our health, it can be used to intentionally improve our health, by using the magneto-therapy device.

“Indeed, enough is already known, to outline some important facts. As electromagnetic systems, our bodies exist in balance between negative and positive magnetic forces. The Earth’s crust exerts a powerful negative magnetic field at night, while during the day we experience the sun’s opposite, positive magnetic forces.

“It may surprise you to learn that the magnetic field of the earth can be duplicated and enhanced with the aid of magneto-therapy devices.

“The pineal gland in the centre of the head controls hormones, enzymes and immune function, and is itself a magnetic organ containing magnetite crystals. It is actually sensitive to magnetic energy – stimulation produces its most important substance, the sleep hormone melatonin, almost entirely during the night. In turn, the human growth hormone, which is produced by the hypothalamus as we sleep, appears to be strongly influenced by melatonin.

“Without discussing the wide range of illnesses — from arthritis and arteriosclerosis to schizophrenia and sleep disorders — which can be treated with a qualified magnetotherapy device, I’d like to illustrate how magnetic energy can stimulate the pineal gland’s production of melatonin and the hypothalamus production of human growth hormone.

“As we age, we produce less of these essential hormones. But high levels of melatonin are necessary for adequate sleep, and human growth hormone is a controlling factor in hair, skin and muscle mass. Its decline is responsible for many of the effects of ageing. So it may be no exaggeration to say that electromagnetic stimulation of the pineal gland could slow the ageing process. I have seen many people whose hair and skin became healthier as a result of magneto-therapy.

“Some people show signs of hair returning to its normal colour. Because of the increase of the human growth hormone, older subjects typically show an increased rate of hair and nail growth.

“There are two simple bedtime/night-time uses of magnetotherapy: You may place the therapy device under your pillow with the appropriate adjustment, so that your head is in the magnetic field, or even better, place the therapy device beside you, as close as possible to your solar plexus area. This will keep your entire body in the magnetic field.

“The idea of electromagnetic therapy may seem novel and perhaps even disarmingly simple, but I can assure you that my experiences with several thousand patients support its very real effect. Moreover, magneto-therapy carries no health risks.

“Electromagnetism and its effect on the body may be one of the most exciting scientific breakthroughs in current research…”

There’s no doubt that Dr Ken Wianko’s words will ring true in the years to come…

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