Water Therapy: Eye, Hand and Foot Care

Eye Care

Clear, vibrant eyes are a sign of good health. However, the area directly under the eyes does not have sebaceous glands to lubricate the skin. As a result, il is the most delicate part of the complexion and the first to show signs of aging. Stress, anxiety, worry, insomnia, water retention, sun, dim or bright light, overwork and excessive alcohol all strain the eyes and lead to crow’s-feet and fine lines. Three simple methods to relieve and avoid eyestrain, prevent wrinkles and give more sparkle to the eyes are :

• Blinking. Blinking helps to prevent strain, improve vision and lubricate the eyes. Normally, the eyes blink three or four times per second. Notice how a baby does it so naturally and delicately. When you are reading, get into the habit of blinking your eyes at least two times per line. Or, rotate the eyeball in a complete circle, first clockwise, then counterclockwise.

• Palming. Every hour, close your eyes and cover them Paiming – A good exercise gently with your palms to cut out all external light. Relax a couple of minutes as you experience this “black out”. If you still “see” light in your mind’s eye, take a few more minutes until you experience darkness. This technique helps relieve bloodshot eyes.

• Massage. Oil massage is particularly beneficial since the eyelids (along with the scrotum) are ten times more permeable to lipids (oils) than any other part of the body. To prevent lines, gently massage eyes at bedtime using warm ghee, almond or olive oil + a few drops rose or sandalwood essential oil.

Tips for Beautiful Eyes

• To add sparkle and tone to surrounding tissues, make an eye wash of fennel or eyebright tea. When the tea has cooled, pour it into an eye cup or shallow bowl.

• Bathe each eye for 30 seconds by blinking in the wash.

• For relief of bloodshot eyes, dip cotton pads in rosewater, lie down, and place pads on closed eyes for 10-15 minutes.

• For added sparkle, bathe eyes weekly with fennel tea by blinking eyes a few times in it while still lukewarm.

• For thicker lashes and brows, put a touch of castor or olive oil on them every night.

• For sound sleep and relief from eyestrain, massage scalp and feet every night with castor oil. Use brahmi or coconut oil instead if weather is hot or your feet burn.

• To refresh the eyes, spray a light mist of water on closed lids as needed during the day. Splash eyes with cool water once an hour when reading or working for extended periods of time.

• To protect eyes, wear sunglasses outdoors (lenses should be smokey or green, not purple or blue) and do not read in the sun.

Hand Care

Soft, beautiful hands and healthy, well-groomed nails reflect not just your personality but also your age. Like the face, the hands need extra care because they are constantly exposedto the environment and also constantly in use. To keepyour hands soft and young-looking :

• Carry body oil in your cosmetic bag and massage same into your hands whenever you wash them throughout the day.

• At bedtime, make a mixture of 1 tbsp of almond oil + 1 tsp buttermilk and’massage it into hands. Put on cotton gloves and go to sleep. In the morning, remove gloves and rinse hands. This will also help to strengthen the nails.

Foot Care

Feet are our faithful servants. Yet, unless we suddenly have trouble walking as the result of an injury or a foot problem, we rarely give them much thought in modern life.

At one time in history, to anoint the feet was an act of honor or a preparation for worship. It is a custom worth reviving. Indeed, regular foot care is important, not only because it reduces the chance of developing problems that could limit mobility, but also because the feet are connected by the body’s subtle energy channels to all body organs, including the brain.

The techniques of reflexology—the massage of energy points on the foot—are based upon this understanding. Consequently, when the feet are tired, so is the mind and body. On the other hand, beautiful, healthy feet are literally the foundation of physical grace and stamina.

Tips for beautiful feet

• Keep feet clean, but do not suppress foot perspiration; doing so can cause damage to internal organs.

• Do not wear tight shoes or very high heels.

• Take a relaxing foot bath for five to ten minutes in warm water + 2-3 drops witch hazel + 1-2 drops each com Ire y, lavender, sage and rosemary oil.

• Do a weekly foot “mask” with herbal paste of almond meal + lentil flour. Leave on for ten minutes; rinse with warm water; then massage with olive, sesame or avocado oil. This foot massage is also good for curing insomnia.

• Put raw green peas in the bottom of your socks and walk around for five lo ten minutes to give yourself a mini-massage.

• Roll each fool over a tennis ball or rolling pin while sitting, to strengthen foot muscles and increase flexibility in joints.

• Take an early morning barefoot walk on the dewy grass to relax.

• Detoxify the whole body before bedtime with a five to ten minute foot soak in warm water + 2 tsp rock sail followed by a foot massage with olive, sesame or avocado oil.

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