Diet Cure: FAQ.5, 6, & 7- Mr A, age 40 years, has diabetes for the last three years…

Q5. I have been taking Mixtard 20 u before breakfast and 12 u before dinner. One evening by mistake I took 20 u before dinner. What could be its danger?

Ans. It is a common mistake that you have taken more quantity of insulin or the wrong one like more short acting insulin (Plain or Actrapid), the danger is that you may land up in hypoglycemia. You cannot take it out once it is injected, nor is there any antidote for insulin. You have to watch for hypoglycemea if it is plain insulin, you have to be careful for the next 6-8 hours but if it is more lbng acting, the risk may last for upto 24 hours. One has to be under observation of family members or doctor, and keep on taking some sugar or sweet drinks in-between to avoid hypoglycemia. One may even require intravenous glucose drip if condition becomes serious. Sometimes children take excess insulin deliberately to cause panic and attract attention.

Q6.MrXwritesthatthereare plenty of herbal preparations for diabetes, each one claiming to cure diabetes.What is the truth?

Ans. So far no cure for diabetes has been discovered. Diabetes can be controlled not cured. All these herbal preparations are either bitters or rich in fibres. Bitters, in general, reduce appetite thus reducing food intake or being rich in fibres prevent absorption of sugar from the intestines. If at all its sugar lowering effect is only marginal, and beneficial to only those patients who can control their diabetes with diet adjustments.

Analyse critically before you subject yourself for trial, it could be risky.

Q7.Mr S., age 67 years, having diabetes for last five years, is on Glizid and Gluforrnin. His blood pressure is marginally high, but has no other complications. The diabetic control was reasonably well, till recently, when he complained of increased frequency of urination in night, which disturbs his sleep. He thought his blood sugar would be high but the tests did not confirm it.

Ans.Frequency of urination, particularly during night, is one of the common manifestations of high blood sugar. If raised blood sugar is the cause it should be accompanied with increased thirst. The other common causes, of frequent urination, are:-

i. Infection in urinary tract, accompanied with irritation or burning while passing urine, and, fever. A simple urine examination for pus cell will confirm the diagnosis. Urine culture and antibiotic sensitivity test will indicate the right choice of the drug to cure it.

ii. Enlarged prostate, a disease of men only, which is common after the age of 65 years. In many, it is benign (not cancerous), but it is troublesome. One feels like passing urine more often, but only a small quantity is passed, that too after waiting for a while, the stream of urine is thin and not so projectile. In the earlier stages symptoms can be relieved with a drug like Minipress 1 mg once a day. This drug may reduce blood pressure as well, (do not try it without the prescription of your doctor).

When the size of prostate is big and is ascertained with ultrasonographic examination it can be removed through a simple procedure called trans-urethral resection of prostate (TURP). A small tube is passed through urine passage (of course under anaesthesia) and under microscope, enlarged bit of gland is removed. It takes just three-four days of stay in hospital.

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