Health Farming: How to Relax with Meditation

Meditation techniques vary but essentially they are all the same because their final objective it to helps to develop and exploit inner awareness. In a way, through meditation, you begin becoming more aware of your body and the outside world. Concentration increases. You are able to think better in whatever type of work you do. You become more efficient, your body healthier. Many experiments on transcendental meditation have been done which have been described “the science of creative intelligence”.

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Health Farming: Relaxation Poses

First Method (Corpse Pose)

Think about your feet, move your toes, flex your ankle and slowly let it go, let go all the tension and let your feet feel relaxed and heavy.

The simplest thing to do is to select a quiet place with clean air, free from insects and unpleasant smell. Spread a blanket or sheet on the ground or a wooden plank. Remove the hoes, loosen the belt, remove glasses or have only light clothing. Lie on your back. When you lie on a hard surface, without a pillow, your spine is straight almost touching the floor all through. This is the most relaxed position for the body. If you feel your spine is not touching the floor, bend both knees, see that it touches the floor, stretch your legs ajar. Stretch out both your arms, resting them by your side, forming an angle of 15-20 degrees at the arm pit, feet slightly apart and let them fall outwards evenly, eyes gently closed.

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Health Farming: Amazing effect of low fat diet

Two doctors at Wayne State University in Detroit Michigan made a remarkable discovery while working with obese patients on low fat diet. Two of the group had active rheumatoid arthritis. After just five days on special diet their symptoms of arthritis disappeared and did not return as long as they remained on diet.

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Health Farming: Anti-candida Diet

Almost all allergy patients have candida albican infection. The extent may vary. The anti-candida diet will keep the candida infection in check and alleviate allergy in patients. Eating foods such as brown rice (different from white rice which is polished), soyabean, egg yolk and other sources of biotin (vitamin B) will hold candida in yeast-like state and stop its conversion to invasive fungal form.

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Health Farming: Why Do We Develop Allergy

At present there are no definite answers. There are contributory factors which play a role in producing allergy. We may mention a few:

The “immune response genes” with which we are born have properties that determine the resistance of the body to disease. The real job of the immune system is to recognise and destroy infecting agents such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, toxins,etc. that get into the body. Substances in the blood, called antibodies, are produced. These defend the body from attack of pathogenic organisms.. Sometimes an abnormal type of antibody is produced that reacts to certain foreign substances called allergens (such as spores, pollens and foods).

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Health Farming: Eczema and Acne


Diet plays an important role. Take fruits for breakfast. Prefer an orange, papaya, guava, apples, grapes. Take two boiled vegetables, salad and whole wheat chapatis for lunch and dinner. Take fruits in the afternoon. Cut down on salt. Avoid animal fat like ghee and butter and use soyabean oil, sunflower oil, or coconut oil.

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Health Farming: Allergy and Arthritis

Food allergy plays a great role in rheumatoid arthritis. 80% of people with rheumatoid arthritis are allergic to certain foods. Dr. Marshal Mandell, Connecticut, allergist admits: “Allergic reactions aggravate and perpetuate the swelling, redness, pain and limitation of movement. I am convinced that allergic reactions are the underlying cause of many cases of this form of arthritis. Allergy also plays a role in childhood arthritis and osteoarthritis.” Dr. Mandell along with Dr. Anthony Conte, completed a study on 40 patients with arthritis that revealed their arthritis symptoms along with other important chronic ailments were caused by reaction to food frequently eaten or exposure to something in the environment they are allergic to.

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