Homeopathy: What is Homeopathy?

There are various schools of medicine, of which Allopathy is the predominant one, which the suffering people follow to get relief or cure. Ayurveda is the next popular system, being the ancient Indian system.

Other systems such as Reiki, Acupressure and acupuncture are other systems However every impartial unprejudiced observer will testify that HOMEOPATHY with its 200 years old history of successful performance in the treatment of a variety of ailments, some of which other systems have failed to tackle, and with several advantages over others, offers an ideal system for alleviation of the sufferings of the vast Indian populace, living in far-flung villages which the “modern” system is unable to reach.

ADVANTAGES OF HOMEOPATHY : HOMEOPATHY has manifold advantages which compare favourably with every other system of medicine.

They are :

(a) The treatment of the patient can start immediately after taking the symptoms, analysing them and finding the curative remedy – without waiting for laboratory investigations and other time consuming and expensive investigations such as X-ray, Cat-scan, Sonography, etc. This is so because the selection of the remedy is based on the peculiar symptoms of the selection of the remedy is based on the peculiar symptoms of the patient, not “diagnostic symptoms”.

(b) Homoeopathic medicines have no “side-effects” as the doses are of infinitesimal potencies and controlled in repetition; the administration of the medicine is stopped when improvement begins, instead of a “Course of a week or fortnight”.

(c) The cost of Homoeopathic treatment is very, very low as compared with the cost involved in other systems of medicine. Hence, it is the ideal system of treatment for India’s teeming millions with low standard of living.

(d) The “sweet pills” of HOMEOPATHY are well accepted, even sought after by the children.

(e) It is found in a number of cases that the Allopathic doctor says “There is nothing wrong with you”, but the patient feels “I am not feeling well at all.” But HOMEOPATHY, based as it is on patient’s subjective symptoms, can easily help such cases.

(f) The medicines have no “Expiry” date.

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