Homeopathy: How to Select Remedy in Homeopathy?

According to the principles of HOMEOPATHY, any remedy in the vast Materia Medica can prove curative for any complaint provided the characteristic symptoms of the remedy fully match the characteristic (peculiar) symptoms of the patient.

Yet in actual practice it has been found that a few remedies have proved themselves useful more often than others. Therefore, in keeping with the limited scope of this work, those few remedies have been given under each complaint with their guiding symptoms.

These guiding symptoms, in turn, have had to be given briefly. The prescriber is, therefore, advised that in case he finds the guiding symptoms of a remedy he tends to select are not adequate, he should refer to the “Characteristics of Remedies” (Materia Medica) given in the last Section of this book before finally deciding on the remedy to be given to the patient. Here again, “Practice makes a man Perfect.”

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