Health Farming: Anti-candida Diet

Almost all allergy patients have candida albican infection. The extent may vary. The anti-candida diet will keep the candida infection in check and alleviate allergy in patients. Eating foods such as brown rice (different from white rice which is polished), soyabean, egg yolk and other sources of biotin (vitamin B) will hold candida in yeast-like state and stop its conversion to invasive fungal form.

The elimination of sugar and white flour, a reduction in diary products and yeasted food products helps those with candidiasis. They should not take coffee and limit ingestion of fruits. They are encouraged to eat vegetables, seeds, chicken, and fish. Avoid taking aerated drinks, or foods with preservatives. Curd is known to help check candida infection. It encourages the growth of friendly bacteria lacto bacillus.

Russian bacteriologist Elie Petchnikoft who succeeded Louis Pasteur as Director of Pasteur Institute in Paris, a Nobel laureate (1908), staunchly believed that yoghurt (curd) was the “elixir” of life. In his study on longevity he concluded that people should, commonly, live to the age of 150 years. He found every indication that the basic human mechanism was capable of lasting for longer than it does. One way to last longer, he was convinced was to eat yoghurt containing lactobacillus.

Recently, I met Dr. A.J.Shah, a 92 –year-old philanthropist from Anand (Gujarat), in excellent health. He lives alone, looks after himself, takes daily morning walks and sees his patients 2 hours every morning. I asked him the secret of his longevity. He explained: “I live on curd plus what monkey eats: fruits, nuts, salads and boiled vegetables”. He has not eaten any grain for 40 years. He does not take sugar and salt. He sleeps well. His mind is clear, his speech normal. One thing more: he does not worry and keeps on donating his life’s earnings to some philanthropic work.

The Center for Health Enhancement in Houston, U.S.A. uses the MEVY diet (meat, eggs, vegetables and yoghurt) for counteracting candiasis. Candida albicans growth is known to be stimulated by simultaneous presence of carbohydrate and B-complex vitamins. B-complex vitamins should be taken preferably on an empty stomach, a few hours before or after meals when no carbohydrate is present in the stomach.

The school of Health Sciences at the University of Massachusettes reports that garlic is highly successful in killing candida albicans or at least reducing candida overgrowth. Garlic ca be taken as fresh, whole clove or in an odourless extract form as garlic pearls. Onion , clove and radish have some antifungal properties. A life style improvement will help immensely: regular exercise, less mental tension, pranayama and meditation, avoid chemical pollutants and try for good quality sleep. Sun bathing is recommended in alleviating allergy. Vitamin C helps to strengthen the immunity system.

Adhere to a special dietary program with a diversity of foods from a variety of sources, preferably fresh. Avoid refined and fabricated food. Take a lot of fibres as in salads, fruits and vegetables. Avoid citrus fruits, milk and yeast and mould foods (bread and pickles). Regularly eat sugar-free yoghurt. Controll allergy through proper diet.

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