First-Aid: Precautions with Children In Crowded Areas

When going out of the house, specially to a place where there are likely to be many people as in wedding parties, religious celebrations, etc. attach a tag with the name, address, and telephone/fax number of the child on his dress. This will help the people/police restore your child to you should he get separated lost.

Label the child’s clothes and school bag with the name on the inside where it is not visible to strangers. A stranger could, after reading the name, strike a conversation with the child convincing him that the stranger is a family friend and may mislead the gullible child.

Instruct children not to accept gifts from anyone, nor invitations to parties from mere acquaintances.

If the child expresses any fear about particular persons or a place, listen to him carefully and draw out the entire story. Take necessary steps to improve the situation. Do not underestimate or brush aside a child’s fears. He has no one else to go to and talk about them.

Keep a list of names and phone numbers of your child’s friends and their parents. It would also help to keep a list of the teachers’ names and phone numbers, and the school office phone number.

Children should be trained not to hitch-hike or accept a ride with anyone they do not know, even if told that the child’s parents are hurt and want to meet the child. The child should tell the person to contact the school principal.

Children should not listen to any adult who wants them to keep a secret from their parents. They should inform their parents if any adult wants to take their picture, give them a gift or money, even if the adult is known to them. They should seek their parents’ permission.

Girls should not wear a chunni wrapped around the neck. It can choke them during play, or it may get accidentally caught in the wheels while riding on a scooter, motor cycle, escalator, or a bicycle.

The above instructions should be augmented by one’s own experiences and the advice of elders. Sharing information with neighbours also proves mutually beneficial.

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