First-Aid: Emergency Medical Aid from Your Kitchen Shelf and Garden for Pain And Discomfort During Menstruation, Insomnia, High Blood Pressure and Diabetes

Pain And Discomfort During Menstruation

Herbal teas made of saunf (fennel), parsley, mint, and liquorice. These actually cause diuresis which gets rid of the water retention in the pelvic organs thus relieving the bloated feeling.


A glass of hot milk at bedtime flavoured with saffron, nutmeg and cardamom is ideal to ensure a peaceful relaxing sleep. However, don’t make the addition of nutmeg a ‘habit’. It can be addictive and constipating.

High Blood Pressure

A teaspoonfull of fresh juice or paste of yellow drumstick leaves taken after meals, or a teaspoon of fresh ginger juice with a teaspoon of cumin seed powder and honey helps keep blood pressure under control. This is probably due to the high natural fibre content or cholesterol lowering properties of these ingredients! Our traditional diets had a regular intake of curds, raw onion, garlic, and turmeric used liberally for seasoning of curries and vegetables — all of which are good for lowering blood pressure.


Dry and powder jamun seeds. Add a teaspoon to a glass of hot water, keep aside for a while and then strain it. Drink this water every day.

Fenugreek (methi) seeds : Two teaspoons of powdered fenugreek can be had everyday with milk or broth. You could soak these overnight and swallow them whole or just drink the water they have been soaked in. The efficacy of this has been proved by modern scientific methods.

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